Charlotte, NC

  • Captain Rod Golding

    Captain Rod Golding is originally from NC. He joined CMPD in 1989. Before becoming Captain of the Homicide Department, he served in a variety of departments, including Commander of the South Division, an Internal Affairs Investigator, Field Training Officer, and then as a Sgt. in both Patrol and Street Drug Interdiction. The Captain states, “it was only natural that I was drawn to Law Enforcement,” crediting his parents with raising him to always help others.

    What draws Golding to Homicide specifically is the challenge; he enjoys solving a crime by “putting the pieces of the puzzle together.” It also gives him satisfaction to bring closure to the victim’s family. Homicide investigations are so fast-paced that the Captain finds he doesn’t have time to reflect on death while he’s in the thick of it.

    Outside of work however he does decompress at his woodworking shop. “You can usually find me there, if I’m not catching up on sleep from being at a crime scene all night.” Captain Golding is married.

  • Sergeant Lisa Mangum

    A native to Charlotte, Sgt. Lisa Mangum joined the CMPD in 1985. Before being promoted to Sgt., Mangum spent eight years as a homicide detective, and then served as a sergeant for Patrol and Drug Interdiction before returning to Homicide as a sergeant. Lisa has enjoyed her entire career, but after investigating homicides, she “knew there was not another job that would provide the unique challenges or the opportunity to work for all the right reasons [other] than homicide. I have a passion for this job that has never faded.”

    Sgt. Mangum is honored to work with her dedicated team that help make those individuals who commit the worst crime, accountable for their actions. She feels good knowing that it provides some comfort to the victim’s family and the community. Family is the most important part of Sgt. Mangum’s life and they are extremely supportive and proud of her.

  • Sergeant Lee Ann Oehler

    Sgt. Lee Ann Oehler was born and raised in Charlotte, NC. Sgt. Oehler never dreamed of being a police officer as a kid. Instead she had a defining moment when a friend of hers enlisted in the police academy. After hearing about the things her friend was learning and doing, Sgt. Oehler knew what she wanted to do and enrolled in the next academy class and joined CMPD in 1990.

    At the end of the day, Sgt. Oehler likes being able to go home”…knowing that something I did (big or small), made a difference in someone else’s life or the safety of the community.” Her hobbies outside of work allow her to escape her police work. She enjoys a variety of activities including boating, going to the beach, gardening, running, reading and watching MLB. Sgt. Oehler lives with her partner of 15 years. “She is very supportive and understanding of the demands of my job. Because you never know when you are going to get called out or when you’ll be able to go home from working a case, spending quality time with friends and family when it’s available to you, is very important.”

  • Sergeant Rudy Stevenson

    Sgt. Rudy Stevenson was born in the nation’s capital, Washington D.C. He became a policeman for the DC Metropolitan Police Department in 1985 and served as a Firearms Instructor. Shortly after he made a lateral transfer to CMPD as a Patrol Officer and a year later worked in Division Level Street Crime in plain clothes. Then, after working as a Detective for the Robbery Unit and FBI Safe Streets Task Force, Stevenson was promoted to Sergeant and lead in the ATF Viper Task Force, before coming to homicide. Sgt. Stevenson went into law enforcement due to a friend that was a police officer and was “an unsolicited role model and made a difference in my life at an impressionable age without knowing it.” The appreciation a grieving family has when you are able to tell them that you have arrested the person responsible for their grief and provide them with some closure makes Rudy proud to be a homicide investigator.

    Even though it can be tough at times, the Sgt. is emphatic about leaving work at work and not carrying it home. It helps him to cope with the stress of the job. Stevenson’s hobbies are working out, listening to jazz and not talking about work with his wife.

  • Detective Dave Abbott

    Det. Dave Abbott is originally from Iowa. He became an officer for CMPD in 1999. In addition to Homicide, Abbott has also worked in the Street Drug Interdiction Unit. The detective found the variety of duties to be an appealing aspect of law enforcement as well as the closeness of the department. He is proud to serve his community and remove violent criminals from the streets.

    Det. Abbott thinks it’s important to keep a sense of humor when you’re dealing with death. He is married with a son and daughter. Outside of work, the detective is fond of camping.

  • Detective Jovy Aguirre

    Det. J.N. “Jovy” Aguirre is originally from the Virginia coast. Prior to joining law enforcement, he worked at a local news station in VA, where he met his future wife. Aguirre joined CMPD in 2003.

    A rookie to Homicide, Det. Aguirre previously worked in the Assault with a Deadly Weapon Unit. He did spend four years with the Norfolk PD before moving to Charlotte. When he was only three years old, Aguirre’s family immigrated to the US from the Philippines. He wanted to give back to the country that helped raise him and his family, so he became a police.

    He contributes his desire to “give back” to his mother who’s his personal hero. He has two brothers who are also in Law Enforcement. He is proud that his job gives him an opportunity to “bring justice to victims and protect society.” Jovy admits that being around homicide can be wearing but his family and strong support network of close college friends help him cope. Outside of work the detective is interested in computers and spending time with his family, which includes his wife and two children.

  • Detective Terry Brandon

    Originally from South Carolina, Det. Terry Brandon migrated north. His career with CMPD began in 1987. In addition to Homicide, Det. Brandon was on the SWAT Team and Sexual Assault Unit. The idea of doing something good for others inspired him to join law enforcement. After seeing how other police departments operate, it is clear to Brandon that CMPD is one of the best in the nation and he is most proud of the Homicide Unit. His wife, family and church get Det. Brandon through the difficulties of homicide cases. Outside of work he really enjoys being outdoors, camping and traveling.

  • Detective Kim Brewington

    Det. Kim Brewington joined the CMPD in 1995. During the span of her career in law enforcement she has worked Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Youth Div. and Family Services. Brewington has always wanted to be a police officer. She is drawn to helping people, “I knew I would never be a millionaire and money isn’t the reason for a career I love – being in this profession is about helping people. ” She also derives joy from problem solving in the spur of the moment. Det. Brewington is so proud of her city and her department.

    “The community is warm and receptive in the most challenging times.” Unfortunately, death is tragic regardless, but when it’s a homicide, the images and pain are difficult to forget. In order to cope with the heaviness, Det. Brewington leaves work at work and doesn’t internalize situations and circumstances she can’t change. It’s necessary to compartmentalize your life when you work homicide. Brewington is an outgoing and warm individual. She loves beautiful beaches and being with her family and friends. “I just always want those I love to be near me wherever I am.” Det. Brewington has one son and one grandson.

  • Detective Todd Burkard

    Det. Todd Burkard is a native to Buffalo, NY. Before moving to NC, Todd worked as a paramedic in Buffalo. In 2000, Det. Burkard became a part of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg police force where he worked as a patrol officer and a Metro Division Investigator. Burkard really enjoyed working in emergency services, but decided it was time for a career change, and then the opportunity arose to become a police officer, so he took it. Law enforcement enables him to help people, Homicide in particular allows him to help the families of victim’s during a very difficult time.

  • Detective Michael Burke

    Det. Michael Burke hails from the green mountain state of Vermont. He joined CMPD in 1994. Det. Burke wanted to be a homicide detective because of the challenge. He thinks that homicide is the most serious crime. It helps that his fellow investigators are “the best of the best.” Burke finds his work satisfying when he solves a difficult case and when he sees a case through successful prosecution. He and his wife have three daughters and most of his time is spent with them. An avid outdoorsman, he enjoys hunting and fishing.

  • Detective Blair Fitch

    Originally from Florida, Det. Blair Fitch joined CMPD in 2000. Even before he graduated high school Fitch knew he wanted to be in law enforcement. After being on patrol Det. Fitch decided that Homicide was his ultimate goal.

    “Knowing that you are responsible for the investigation of the ultimate offense, the killing of another human being, and the extreme challenges that come with that job, [drew me] to Homicide.” When all is said and done, the greatest moments of his job are when he can call a victim’s family and tell them an arrest has been made and that they will get their day in court. Because of the unpredictable schedule that is innate to Homicide, Fitch makes sure that when he’s with his family, he s with them 100% mentally and physically. Learning to separate your investigations from your personal life is one of the most effective strategies for dealing with the stress and the schedule.

    “I have to make it a point to reconnect with my family after each investigation because I have usually been gone for days working the case. It really makes you appreciate the time you have with them and to never take family-time for granted.” Det. Fitch’s wife is a Crime Scene Investigator with CMPD. He says, “It makes the job a little easier being married to someone who works homicide crime scenes and has an appreciation for the demands of the job.” They enjoy traveling and spending time together with family.

  • Detective Jacqueline King

    Born in Georgetown, Guyana, Detective Jacqueline Jackie King joined the CMPD in 2005. She worked as a Detective in the Assault with a Deadly Weapon Unit before joining the Homicide team in 2010. Prior to her police work, Det. King served in the U.S. Marine Corps.

    Working in homicide allows Det. King to help those who are being taken advantage of. Someone has to be a voice for the victim, she says. She feels it’s important for the family to know that someone is working on their behalf to get closure on a case.

    King chooses to focus on the positive aspects in life and contributes her family and her faith in God as the reason she can deal with the intense nature of homicide. When she is not working or spending time with her daughter, she is volunteering with her church, working out or practicing her photography skills.

  • Detective Steven Ladd

    Det. Steven Ladd is originally from Louisville, KY. He joined the CMPD in 1999. Before coming a police officer, Det. Ladd was a Marine, a member of the Army Airborne and an EMT. Since he was a child, Det. Ladd has been drawn to exciting occupations. “My mom always said, ‘If you’re going to be a bear, be a Grizzly.'” He knew when he joined the PD that he wanted to be a homicide detective, that’s his “Grizzly.” The dedication and sacrifice that his fellow detectives possess make Ladd proud to be an investigator. Death itself is not difficult for Det. Ladd, it’s seeing the effects of death on the victim’s family. Worse still is not being able to close a case for a family and give them that small peace of mind, “that’s what’s difficult about this job.” When it does get to be too much, he vents to his wife, “his rock.”

    In his free time, Det. Ladd reads a lot and has probably seen all the latest “guy” movies. His children are nearly all grown, which give him and his wife of almost 20 years, time for each other. His wife is his best friend. They have two adult daughters and one nearly adult son, plus two grandchildren.

  • Detective Susan Manassah

    Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, Detective Susan Manassah joined the CMPD in 1994. Prior to joining Homicide, she worked as a Robbery Detective. After spending four and a half years in homicide, she took a short break and worked as a Recruit Training Officer at the Academy. She recently rejoined the homicide team and couldn’t be happier.

    Det. Manassah is drawn to homicide because of the intense nature of the work and the team atmosphere, which is unlike any other police work. She says homicide “fits my bulldog personality.” Not only is she proud to be a police officer because of the amazing detectives she has worked with but because “the thin blue line is true dedication.” For her, focusing on working for the victim, who no longer has a voice, and helping the family find closure is the most important part of the job.

    When Manassah isn’t working, she spends most of her time outside and being active. She enjoys cycling, competing in triathlons, camping and yardwork. She lives with her domestic partner of six years and her two dogs.

  • Detective Keith Martin

    Det. Keith Martin moved to North Carolina from Virginia. He became a part of CMPD in 1999. Before becoming a homicide detective, Martin was a patrolman and in Street Drug Interdiction. Det. Martin has family ties to law enforcement. He specifically wanted to go to Homicide for the challenge it posed. His involvement with CMPD makes him feel like he’s contributing to his community and making it a better place. Martin is a pillar of strength and isn’t affected negatively by his work.

    “I look at what I do as a job and try not to take it personally. I treat everyone like I would want to be treated, if something were to happen to my friend or family member.” Outside of work you can find the detective either with his family, fly-fishing or playing golf.

  • Detective Garry McFadden

    Det. Garry McFadden is a veteran homicide detective with 20 years in the unit. McFadden, along with three college friends, decided to apply to the Charlotte Mecklenburg PD together. All of them were turned down, but McFadden didn’t give up because of what was instilled in him by his teacher, Prentiss Moore. He fought for an answer and as a result he was later hired. Homicide has since become “a passion and love affair with the victim’s families. It has provided me a large extended family.” His high school principal, Mr. I.C. Joe, once told him “Go where you belong.” The principal later explained that it meant to go where your passion and love is Homicide is where Det. McFadden belongs. It took nearly twenty years to truly comprehend the daily stresses of homicide.

    “I realize being truthful, honest and blunt with the families is the best solution to help me and them to cope… because of this approach families have thanked and supported me through the years.” McFadden’s number one hobby is fly-fishing. When he’s not fly-fishing or grilling, the detective is speaking to the youth and men imprisoned for violent crimes his passion is to help stop the violence. “I realized I’m sending young men to prison for murder, after sending their fathers to prison earlier in my career. The cycle will continue if no one cares.” Det. McFadden is married with children.

  • Detective Norma McKee

    Det. Norma McKee has been in CMPD since 1991. She served as a patrol officer and community coordinator before coming to Homicide. Initially it was the excitement that drew her to law enforcement, but then it was the challenge that attracted her to Homicide.

    The thought that what I do might have a positive impact on someone else’s life is very rewarding for Det. McKee. When she’s not working, Det. McKee is training for her marathon, working around her house, traveling or spending time with her family.

  • Detective Bo McSwain

    Det. Bo McSwain grew up 40 miles outside of Charlotte, NC and joined the Charlotte-Mecklenburg PD in 1999. Prior to becoming a homicide detective, McSwain worked as a patrolman and community coordinator. His father was a detective in the town where he grew up, so joining the police force was a natural path.

    McSwain finds satisfaction when he and his team help a victim’s family by making a murder arrest. To relieve stress he likes to exercise, play golf, watch movies and get out of town for a little rest. Outside of work he likes to spend time with his newly wedded wife and their miniature Schnauzer, Buddy.

  • Detective Dave Osorio

    Det. Dave Osorio was raised in Los Angeles. Before joining CMPD in 1991, he was a US Army Paratrooper. In addition to his homicide duties, Det. Osorio is also currently a SWAT Crisis/Hostage Negotiator. Det. Osorio grew up learning about law enforcement as an LAPD Explorer and always knew he wanted to be a police officer, specifically homicide. Osorio speaks very highly of his colleagues, calling them the “best detectives in the world. We’re all like family and I consider us all to be the best of the best that this department has to offer.” To him, “death is tragic but interesting.”

    He feels that it takes a special kind to be a homicide investigator; it takes someone who has commitment, dedication and strength to witness tragedy on a daily basis. Det. Osorio is married with two children and three stepchildren. He likes to relax by spending time with his family, activities include, cook outs, beach trips, being in the mountains and camping. He also likes to relax by riding motorcycles with friends.

  • Detective Tim Purdy

    Det. Tim Purdy comes to NC from Michigan. He found the camaraderie inherent to police work to be very appealing and joined the CMPD in 1994. Purdy has served as a patrol officer, a field training officer and in the Drug Interdiction Unit, before coming to Homicide. In his opinion, the murder of an individual is the ultimate crime and he enjoys the challenge of the investigation.

    Being able to tell a victim’s family that the team has closed their loved one’s case and made an arrest, makes Purdy most proud to be a homicide investigator. Homicide demands long hours in order to solve a case and can be exhausting, he finds that laughter and cutting up with his colleagues is necessary to coping with the intense subject matter. Tim is married with two children. Outside of work he likes to play and coach basketball and spend time with his family. He advocates donating life.

  • Detective Phil Rainwater

    Det. Phil Rainwater has spent his entire life in North Carolina and plans to keep it that way. Rainwater graduated from Appalachian State University with a degree in criminal justice. After graduating, he worked for the Sheriff’s Office in his hometown; he began as a patrol deputy, then went on to work felony investigations and became a member of SWAT. After almost five years with the SO, he left to join the Charlotte-Mecklenburg PD in 2000.

    Det. Rainwater began as patrol officer on the west side of Charlotte and soon became a community coordinator for the same neighborhood. In 2007 he applied for an open position in Homicide and was selected to fill that position. “I knew early on into my career that I wanted to work as a homicide detective. I have enjoyed the challenge from the position and the ever present sense of team work.” Det. Rainwater’s family and friends are the most important things in his life. He spends most of his free time with them and has “always found support and encouragement in their company.”

  • Detective Miguel Santiago

    Det. Miguel Santiago is originally from NJ. Before joining the CMPD in 1999, he served 22 years in the US Army. After retiring from the military, law enforcement seemed like a natural progression since both his step-grandfather and father were police. “I am part of a noble profession and I’m proud to be the shield that protects the weak from the predators.”

    In addition to being a homicide detective, Santiago has also worked Patrol, Street Crimes Unit and the Violent Crimes Force. In order to deal with death on a daily basis, Miguel has made it a rule to not personalize homicides and to draw the line where work ends. “There is a spot near my house that once I cross it I don’t think or talk about the case.” Det. Santiago is married with one child, he really enjoys hiking and camping and assists coaching little league when time allows for it.

  • Detective Susan Sarvis

    Det. Susan Sarvis was born abroad in Spain, while her father was in the military, but spent most of her life in South Carolina. Sarvis joined the CMPD in 1986, after nine years with Eastern Airlines. Eastern Airlines unfortunately went under, but it was a fortuitous experience for Det. Sarvis because it enabled her to pursue a career in law enforcement. Before joining Homicide in 2004, she was a School Resource Officer and detective for sex crimes against children and child pornography.

    The job is most rewarding for Det. Sarvis when she can tell friends and family who have lost a loved one that an arrest has been made and someone has been charged for their death. For Sarvis, the job is most taxing when a victim’s family is uncooperative. Outside of work, Det. Sarvis enjoys camping, reading and spending time with her loved ones.

  • Detective Bill Ward

    Det. Bill Ward is originally from northern New York State, along the border of US and Canada. He joined the CMPD in 1986, but has spent the last twenty years of his career in Homicide.

    Det. Ward’s family is very involved with law enforcement around the country; his father and sister were NY State Troopers, his brother is a deputy for the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and his brother-in-law is a retired VT State Trooper. There are so many things that make Ward proud of his profession including: obtaining a confession, figuring out a crime scene and the gratitude from a victim’s family for a successfully prosecuted case. As he puts it, “It’s an honest living with great benefits.”

    A veteran homicide detective, Ward really enjoys working with the new detectives, “It’s exciting to see them get their first confession.” When not at work, Det. Ward enjoys being a homebody. Working on his home, yard and cars and being with his family keeps him busy. He’s been married for 27 years and has two sons.