Lisa Delarios from Storage Wars on A&E

Lisa Delarios

Lisa Delarios was born and raised in a small Texas town, but since adulthood has bounced between the east and west coasts. An animal lover all her life, Lisa is a certified dog trainer and can be found fostering, walking and teaching pups all over Los Angeles. When she isn’t correcting a canine, she’s either scanning the local flea markets for gems or manning a booth of her own collection of vintage items.

As a buyer, Lisa has (admittedly) a lot to learn about the business of storage auctions, but she quickly charms most of the other buyers with her warmth and humor. Dan and Laura take her under their wing, while Kenny and Ivy find her a worthy opponent and someone with whom to occasionally team up. Rene, of course, takes a bit to warm up to her. Regardless, from her perspective, they all have something to teach her and she’s ready to listen!