Dusty Riach from Storage Wars on A&E

Dusty Riach

Dusty Riach had his own table of toys to sell at swap meets at the age of eight. His parents had an estate sale company and young Dusty followed along immediately. By the age of twelve, he was selling on eBay and quickly honed his collector skills, picking up vintage items at garage sales or swap meets and turning them over for large profits. Seeing other swap meet sellers with impressive inventory, he inquired and was introduced to the concept of storage auctions, where he instantly became a regular.

At twenty-one, Dusty put buying and selling on hold to tour the world with a band. Even while doing so, he found himself picking up items in one European city and selling them in another, just for some extra cash. After a few years of touring life, he came back home to Arizona and picked up buying/selling/collecting where he left off. Having acquired quite a bit of experience, his expertise continued to shine and he eventually made the move out to Los Angeles, where he has been a regular threat to the other buyers; and a particular pain to Rene and Ivy.