Vance Johnson from A&E's Intervention

Vance Johnson

Interventionist, Recovery Ambassador

Vance Johnson is originally from Trenton, New Jersey and was blessed to have had an amazing athletic career, landing him on the biggest and brightest stages, including wins in the NCAA Track & Field Championships and the Pan American Games; and appearances as an alternate in the Olympics, 10 years in the NFL, and three Super Bowls.

Battling addiction since his mid 20’s, Vance was lost for most of his adult life in the throes of alcohol and drug abuse. After to losing a son to a motorcycle accident caused by an impaired driver, Vance used himself into a twenty-eight day induced coma, and was lost to the darkest depths of humanity in his addictions. He sought treatment and is now celebrating seven years clean. Vance is now a Recovery Ambassador and has been performing interventions around the country for the past five years. Vance continues his education in the field of addiction and recovery. He believes everyone deserves to live a healthy life, free from the bondage of addiction.