Sylvia Parsons from Intervention

Sylvia Parsons

Interventionist, MS, LCAS, CSAC, QSAP, QMHP

Sylvia was first seen in Episode 32 of Intervention, struggling with severe alcoholism. She was intervened on, went to treatment and now, years later, she is the first subject in the history of the series to become an interventionist herself. With many years in recovery, she now has a Masters of Science in Addiction Counseling from Grand Canyon University. She is a Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist, a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor, a Qualified Mental Health Professional and a Qualified Substance Abuse Professional, trained in the art of intervention by her own interventionist, Jeff VanVonderen.

Her work with clients who have both mental health and substance abuse issues demonstrates her holistic approach to treatment planning and recovery. Her dedication to serving the chronically homeless with co-occurring disorders and multiple medical issues shows the diversity of her cultural skills and how much she values empathy in her practice.

Her captivating, educational lectures focus on current trends in the world of recovery and her motivational speaking presents the life of a person moving beyond the pain of addiction, employing the recovery skills that can bring hope to anyone. Sylvia believes that everyone can and will recover – if they are willing to work for it.