Donna Chavous from Intervetnion

Donna Chavous


Donna Chavous entered the recovery community in 1995 kicking and screaming, not wanting to change her life. She was introduced to recovery through an Intervention by a friend, family and the local police department. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Donna graduated from the University of Southern California with a bachelor’s degree in English and headed straight to the Hollywood scene. She stepped into the fast lane as a Hollywood Agent representing actors and eventually crashed and burned.

After getting sober she returned to Hollywood for a few years and then suffered the loss of a colleague and a client from the disease of addiction. These losses dramatically changed her perspective on life and she ended up taking a job at a Treatment Center in Malibu California. While working at that Treatment Center Donna further enhanced her knowledge of how addiction affects the family as well as the patient. She has been sober for 19 years and because of her experience with people from all walks of life, has been able to utilize her gift of gab to compassionately guide those who need help to make a positive change.

Donna loves the Intervention process because it not only saved her life but it has allowed her to assist others in potentially saving theirs. She now resides in New York City and has been performing Interventions nationwide for the past 12 years and has continued her education in the field of addiction by attending Fordham University School of Social Work in New York City.