Interventionist Michael Gonzales from A&E's Intervention

Michael Gonzales

Interventionist, CIP, CTP, Cpi., Full Member of AIS

Michael Gonzales was first introduced to A&E’s Intervention when he was spending years confined to a prison cell.

But Michael has a story that began long before the years he spent at Florence State Prison. His solitary confinement cell is where his recovery journey began. Living proof that success, happiness and sobriety is not about resources, Michael has dedicated his life to be of service to others. To show those who are struggling that hopeless does not exist, that no condition is permanent, and that every life is deserving of a second chance.

Michael is a Certified Intervention Professional, and has trained extensively under some of the most respected minds in the industry. He is proud to have been mentored and trained by Ken Seeley, Jamie Eater and Rick Parrish of Sober Escorts, Inc., and the late John Southworth and Susan Rosovsky. Additionally, Michael is a member of the Association of Intervention Specialists, a Certified Trauma Professional in training, and is certified by the Crisis Prevention Institute in nonviolent crisis intervention.

An active member of recovery for 14 years, Michael is proud of the 10 years he’s dedicated to field of addiction recovery. Specializing in Family Focused and Trauma focused intervention and case management; he uses his skill of connection to help the family unit heal. This is his calling. Showing others that anything and everything is possible if you hold on to a little hope.

Michael Gonzales is also the founder of Eleven 28, an Intensive Out Patient program in Pryor, Oklahoma. More info can be found at