Jeff VanVonderen from Intervention

Jeff VanVonderen

Certified Intervention Professional

Jeff VanVonderen is a highly sought after speaker and intervention consultant both nationally and internationally. For over 35 years, individuals, families, and organizations have benefited from his skills and understanding in the areas of addiction, family systems, and recovery.

Since the pilot in 2005, Jeff has been one of the original featured interventionists on A&E’s Emmy-winning documentary series. “Intervention” has garnered two Emmys for Outstanding Reality Program and Outstanding Cinematography for Reality Programming.

Jeff is the author of six books: Good News for the Chemically Dependent, Families Where Grace is in Place (Now in its 14th printing.), When God’s People Let You Down, Tired of Trying to Measure Up (Now in its 22nd printing), The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse (Now in its 18th printing) and Soul Repair: Rebuilding a Spiritual Life.

Jeff’s work has been featured in many national magazines and journals, and he has been featured guest on radio and television shows across the country.

“Quite often people try, with the best of intentions, to help themselves or their loved ones through a problem or crisis, only discover that the help is not helpful, or even harmful,” Jeff says. “They find themselves supporting and helping to prolong on the outside, the very thing they do not support on the inside.”

He goes on to say that “individuals and families become dysfunctional by accident. But they get well on purpose and this is what I’m about, helping them do that.”

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