Season 1 (13)

2 Seasons | 22 Episodes, 22 Unlocked

Episode 0 Ghost Hunters: Back on the Hunt
S 1 E 0

Ghost Hunters: Back on the Hunt

Aired on Aug 21, 2019

The countdown begins! In the hour before the much-anticipated launch of the all-new Ghost Hunters, the cast gathers to answer an avalanche of fan questions, giving viewers a chance to get to know the elite squad of paranormal investigators. This new team been carefully selected for the next installment of this historic series. The leader is none other than co-founding member Grant Wilson, who has been lured out of retirement by a dramatic spike in reports of paranormal activity. Viewers will hear about the latest gear, learn the essential terms and types of hauntings as well as getting the inside scoop on how the pros investigate the spirit world. The new crew will also revisit the greatest moments in Ghost Hunters history, asking Grant everything they ever wanted to know about his classic past probes.

Episode 1 School Spirit
S 1 E 1

School Spirit

Aired on Aug 21, 2019

The Ghost Hunters are back! Original founding member, Grant Wilson, returns with a new team of investigators. In their very first case, Grant is contacted by the principal of a century-old high school in Pocatello, Idaho that has long been rumored to be haunted. During her tenure, the principal has dismissed many of these rumors as mere urban legends. However, when the school’s security cameras capture an unexplained electrical disturbance followed by what appears to be a ghostly apparition in the hallway, she begins to fear there may be some truth to the local legends. Might Pocatello High School truly be haunted? Or is there some other explanation? The Ghost Hunters are on the case to investigate.

Episode 2 The Lady in the Window
S 1 E 2

The Lady in the Window

Aired on Aug 28, 2019

The team travels to Albion, NY to help a home renovator whose dream project now has him living inside a nightmare. After being mysteriously drawn to a sprawling estate in ruins, Tony spent the past 12 years restoring the crumbling property to its former mid-19th century glory. As he diligently worked to complete his vision, paranormal activity and a chilling photograph of an apparition in the attic window led Tony to decide it was time to move on. Now he’s convinced that something or someone doesn’t want to let him go. Then, Grant and his team spring into action as they learn about a tale of warring wives and tragic death on the property that has them believing the home may be haunted by one of its former matriarchs. Will they find the answers the homeowner needs? Or will they uncover a spirit’s secret agenda that will change his life forever?

Episode 3 Return to St. Augustine
S 1 E 3

Return to St. Augustine

Aired on Sep 04, 2019

The team comes to the aid of a woman in Hanover, PA, who has been tortured for years by unexplained activity in her home. After repeatedly getting scratched and even being thrown down the stairs, Deanna and her husband, Tom, have finally decided to flee their home for good. But before she leaves, Deanna needs closure, and it’s up to the Ghost Hunters to bring it to her. Then, Grant returns to the St. Augustine Lighthouse, site of some of the most compelling paranormal evidence ever captured in Ghost Hunters history when the team is summoned to investigate a reported increase in paranormal activity, both in and around the undeniably haunted landmark. Is paranormal activity at St. Augustine truly heating up? Or is the Lighthouse’s haunted reputation merely activating the imaginations of staff and visitors?

Episode 4 Beyond the Investigation
S 1 E 4

Beyond the Investigation

Aired on Sep 11, 2019

Ever wonder what you didn’t see in those famous Ghost Hunters investigations? In this one-hour special, Team Leader Grant Wilson gives viewers an exclusive inside look at how the squad goes above and beyond to search for paranormal activity while deliberately debunking claims with a logical explanation. This is a must-see for anyone interested in the bigger picture of each paranormal investigation, from claim to conclusion.

Episode 5 The Cursed Castle
S 1 E 5

The Cursed Castle

Aired on Sep 11, 2019

When Jimmy’s father built the castle of his dreams, he didn’t know it would one day turn into a nightmare! The stately hotel was once a famous retreat, offering its visitors the perfect weekend escape. Unfortunately, these days, many guests and staff have found themselves seeking escape from a variety of spirits! After a flurry of recent activity, owners Jimmy and Shayla Landoll’s nerves are frayed. Fearing for the safety of their staff and guests, not to mention their family, the couple reaches out to Grant and the Ghost Hunters for help. The team discovers that there is a history of destructive fires on the property and Daryl enlists the help of a forensic sketch artist in hopes of identifying the mysterious “woman in white” encountered by several staff members.

Episode 6 There's Something in the Seminary
S 1 E 6

There's Something in the Seminary

Aired on Sep 18, 2019

Grant and the team travel to the nearly 200-year-old Madison Seminary in Madison, Ohio to help an enterprising amateur ghost hunter who got more than he bargained for when he purchased the former women’s psychiatric hospital. After witnessing aggressive paranormal activity and a sudden rise in fear and discord among his staff, the new owner is now afraid his popular ghost tours may no longer be safe for the public. Upon hearing disturbing stories about the seminary’s alleged dark history, the team sets out to uncover the cause of recent paranormal unrest on the property.

Episode 7 Dancing with the Dead
S 1 E 7

Dancing with the Dead

Aired on Oct 09, 2019

The Athenaeum is a cultural center that has stood proudly in the heart of Indianapolis, Indiana for over a hundred years. Ironically, when the Ghost Hunters arrive at this prodigious location, it’s in the building’s history that Mustafa uncovers a story that turns the investigation upside down. Dr. Knabe, a trailblazing female doctor who met a grisly end in the early 20th century, is linked to this building. She was violently murdered in her apartment just two blocks from The Athenaeum and afterward there were countless reports of people seeing her appear around the storied halls of the cultural center. After night one yields very little results, Grant resorts to a never before used tactic in hopes of drawing out Dr. Knabe and any other entities that may still be haunting their beloved cultural center. Will this crazy stunt actually work?

Episode 8 Suicide Hotel
S 1 E 8

Suicide Hotel

Aired on Oct 16, 2019

Grant and the team journey to the Original Springs Hotel in Okawville, Illinois after receiving an urgent call for help from a man named Jeremy, the hotel owner’s son. Reports of specter sightings and unexplained activity, combined with the resort’s remarkably morbid history, have Jeremy concerned for the safety of his mother, Mary. Three of the four previous owners of the hotel have committed suicide and Jeremy is afraid his mother may be number four. Kristen and Daryl are baffled when they clearly hear footsteps above them while investigating the top floor, while Brandon and Mustafa make a surprising discovery that sheds new light on all their findings.

Episode 9 Home for the Haunting
S 1 E 9

Home for the Haunting

Aired on Oct 16, 2019

Grant and the team come to the aid of a single mother, Susan, and her young son who are afraid that spirits in their turn-of-the-century Victorian house in Willimantic, CT may be a threat to their safety. Could the haunting be the original builder and owner of the home who passed away in the house decades ago? Or is something more sinister? Meanwhile, Kristen experiences strange phenomena while investigating claims of a child’s voice in an upstairs bedroom. Following night one, Grant is fairly certain he knows what’s going on and devises an innovative tactic requiring a choreographed effort by the entire team to test his theory. Will the team manage to pull it off and get Susan and her son the answers they need?

Episode 10 You've Been Warned
S 1 E 10

You've Been Warned

Aired on Oct 23, 2019

Harry Sharp was once proud owner of “The Duff Green Mansion” in Vicksburg, Mississippi, which he operated as a bed and breakfast. For decades, Harry observed all kinds of strange paranormal activity at the mansion. So, upon selling the estate to his best friend, Harley Caldwell, he has done his best to warn her, but she simply does not believe in ghosts. Worried that his friend is unprepared for the encounters she may face, Harry calls the Ghost Hunters for help. Vicksburg is notorious for serving as the site one of the Civil War’s bloodiest battles, and the mansion was used as a hospital for both Union and Confederate soldiers. Shadow figures have been seen, doors slam on their own, and over 100 guests have witnessed the apparition of a confederate soldier sitting while clutching his own amputated leg. Grant and the team invite two guest investigators to join them in hopes their presence may help evoke a response from the alleged resident entities.

Episode 11 Blood on the Bayou
S 1 E 11

Blood on the Bayou

Aired on Oct 23, 2019

The Ghost Hunters head down south to Louisiana to help a woman who is worried that the sugar cane plantation that has been in her family since after the Civil War, may literally be haunted by its troubled past. With countless deaths on the property over the plantation’s 200-year history, the list of spirits that may be present at the large estate is seemingly endless. Maureen has fond memories of growing up at the St. Joseph plantation, but recent sightings of a bloody apparition now have her and her staff petrified. Could it be the ghost of a former plantation doctor well-known for performing gruesome surgeries? Grant and the team investigate the expansive 2500-acre estate, from the huge mansions to the former “slave shacks.” Since the plantation has never been investigated before, Grant employs a special technique to help build trust with any intelligent entities.

Episode 12 Hospital Horror
S 1 E 12

Hospital Horror

Aired on Oct 30, 2019

Growing up in the small town of Pampa, Texas, cousins Luke and Chelsea always wanted to start a business together. When the iconic Worley Hospital went up for sale after sitting abandoned for 44 years, they decided it would be the ideal site for a new bed and breakfast. However, after pouring their life savings into it, their plans came to a screeching halt as strange things began to happen soon after starting renovations. With Luke and Chelsea’s livelihood on the line, Grant and the team agree to help out by investigating alleged sightings of shadow figures and multiple reports of paralyzing feelings of dread that permeate throughout the hospital. The team detects what appears to be skittish entities, but fail to make contact, so they decide to try an unconventional tactic to help stir up activity.

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