Ghost Hunters

Ghost Hunters

S 1 E 0

Ghost Hunters: Back on the Hunt

Aug 21, 2019 | 40m 52s | tv-pg l,d | CC

The countdown begins! In the hour before the much-anticipated launch of the all-new Ghost Hunters, the cast gathers to answer an avalanche of fan questions, giving viewers a chance to get to know the elite squad of paranormal investigators. This new team been carefully selected for the next installment of this historic series. The leader is none other than co-founding member Grant Wilson, who has been lured out of retirement by a dramatic spike in reports of paranormal activity. Viewers will hear about the latest gear, learn the essential terms and types of hauntings as well as getting the inside scoop on how the pros investigate the spirit world. The new crew will also revisit the greatest moments in Ghost Hunters history, asking Grant everything they ever wanted to know about his classic past probes.

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