Ghost Hunters

Ghost Hunters

S 1 E 9

Home for the Haunting

Oct 16, 2019 | 42m 23s | tv-pg | CC

Grant and the team come to the aid of a single mother, Susan, and her young son who are afraid that spirits in their turn-of-the-century Victorian house in Willimantic, CT may be a threat to their safety. Could the haunting be the original builder and owner of the home who passed away in the house decades ago? Or is something more sinister? Meanwhile, Kristen experiences strange phenomena while investigating claims of a child’s voice in an upstairs bedroom. Following night one, Grant is fairly certain he knows what’s going on and devises an innovative tactic requiring a choreographed effort by the entire team to test his theory. Will the team manage to pull it off and get Susan and her son the answers they need?

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