Season 1 (10)

9 Seasons | 116 Episodes

Episode 1 Shipping Wars
S 1 E 1

Shipping Wars

Aired on Jan 10, 2012

The transporters compete for some unique shipments going cross-country as a 4,000 lbs., 22-foot steel horse and an oversized 7-foot-long Venus Flytrap come up for bid. Roy Garber and Jarrett Joyce are the big winners of the transports, respectively, but there’s no time to celebrate when they both realize they may have bitten off more than they can chew. If the steel horse doesn’t arrive on time, Roy will lose half his pay. Meanwhile, the Venus Flytrap is on a deadline for the opening night of the “Little Shop of Horrors” premiere. If Jarrett doesn’t deliver the oversized prop on time, then the show doesn’t happen. The stakes are high as they race to make sure their loads arrive intact and on time. One mistake and these loads could be their last.

Episode 2 Double Down and Bean Town
S 1 E 2

Double Down and Bean Town

Aired on Jan 10, 2012

When shipments hit the auction block, the Bawcoms score a shipment for a 35 foot freshwater boat while Roy gets stuck transporting an old English phone booth after he tries to teach Jarrett a lesson. But when the Bawcoms try to double their earnings by taking on a second large boat, they may sink the entire shipment. Roy finds his load is twice as heavy as listed, but when he’s shut down by mall security, will he even get the chance to load it up on his trailer?

Episode 3 Bullship
S 1 E 3


Aired on Jan 17, 2012

When livestock hits the uShip auction, Jennifer makes her move and wins a haul of two bucking bulls, while Marc gets a fragile experimental aircraft. When this experienced cowgirl picks up the bulls, she finds them meaner than she expected.

Episode 4 Cash for Tanks
S 1 E 4

Cash for Tanks

Aired on Jan 17, 2012
After Marc battles it our with the other transporters, he wins a load of two Military tanks headed across the country and Roy lands a mint condition Model A being shipped from one collector to another. After Marc quickly loads up the tanks, he's got to find his way through a maze of round-a-bouts in a small Pennsylvania town before he even makes it to the highway. Roy has to make this delivery and get back home in time for his son's graduation, but when he is caught up in one of the worst storms in history, will he damage the load and find himself out of pocket for this priceless antique?
Episode 5 Pain in the Caboose
S 1 E 5

Pain in the Caboose

Aired on Jan 24, 2012

When it comes to the biggest and baddest loads, Marc can’t help but throw his hat in the ring. Fighting off Scott and Susie, he lands the job hauling a 1928 train caboose. When he arrives, Marc finds more of a remodel project than a shipment, and has to get to work right away. Pushing the limits, this load could make him a small fortune, or sink his ship before he makes it across the country. When Roy wins the privilege to ship a pristine condition 1955 Ford Thunderbird, he is sure it’ll be an easy run. But when he arrives to pick up the vintage automobile, it’s the neighbors who give him more grief than he’s paid for.

Episode 6 Camel in Tow
S 1 E 6

Camel in Tow

Aired on Jan 24, 2012

Jennifer uses her experience transporting livestock to win a camel shipment from Oklahoma to Vermont. Between getting lost, stopping to keep her cargo fed, and cleaning up the camel spit, Jennifer gets way behind schedule. But when her truck breaks down mid-run, the whole shipment is jeopardized. Marc gets to haul a $150,000 landing craft from coast to coast, but when he picks up a side load for some extra cash, he risks damaging his anchor load and his pocket book at the same time.

Episode 7 Tavern on the Greenbacks
S 1 E 7

Tavern on the Greenbacks

Aired on Jan 31, 2012

Roy heads to New York City when he outbids the other transporters for a job moving a catering food truck from the city’s famous restaurant, Tavern on the Green. Jarrett picks up a 400-lb wooden African sculpture.

Episode 8 Jennifer's Arch
S 1 E 8

Jennifer's Arch

Aired on Jan 31, 2012

Jennifer may have taken her livestock specialty too far when she tops the transporters in an auction to ship a number of small animals. Between the smell, the constant feedings, and the never-ending squeals, it may be the last run Jennifer makes with so many critters. Jarrett outbids Marc in the competition to haul a go-kart in the shape of a miniature semi-tractor trailer. Moving it up the coast, he must deliver the tiny automobile in time for a local Shriner event, which will feature an entire fleet of mini semis turned go-karts. But when his van breaks down once again, it may be the last straw for this rookie’s unreliable transportation.

Episode 9 Baja or Bust
S 1 E 9

Baja or Bust

Aired on Feb 07, 2012

Marc is headed to Mexico when he wins an auction to ship a $100,000 Baja 1000 Trophy Truck. Leaving from Colorado, Marc must protect his precious cargo, and make sure it arrives without delay in time for the start of the famous race. But when he gets lost on the small back roads in Tijuana, Marc must get resourceful or risk putting the race team, and his career, in last place. Scott and Susie take their boat hauling knowledge to a whole new level when they transport a wooden pirate ship across the southwest. But as they put the miles behind them, the fragile pirate ship gets more and more difficult to keep tied down.

Episode 10 May the Ship Be With You
S 1 E 10

May the Ship Be With You

Aired on Feb 07, 2012
Roy hauls oversize props from his favorite science-fiction film; Jennifer must quickly deliver 20 peafowl before they die from the stress of travel.

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