Origins of Hip-Hop

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Preview 5 Ice-T


Premieres on Jun 28, 2022

Hip Hop was birthed from the Bronx but to New York’s surprise, a harsh reality also lived on the West Coast. Enter: the Original Gangster, Ice-T. Ice-T took a page from Iceberg Slim’s books and applied it to his multifaceted career. He pimped the system to stand the test of time as an artist whose career has spanned over four decades. From “Cop Killer” to playing America’s favorite cop on television, Ice-T’s career and accomplishments have paved the way for artists to emulate his path.

Episode 4 Eve
S 1 E 4


Aired on Jun 21, 2022

Eve’s rise to fame and success as one of rap’s most successful female artists is one worth a celebration, but the path to get there was less than ideal. After struggling to be noticed, she finally catches the break of a lifetime and gets signed by Dr. Dre, only to be released from the label months later. With fears of never getting another opportunity, Eve receives a call to battle for a spot in the Ruff Ryders camp. After battling quite literally every person in the building, Eve transformed into the “Pitbull in the Skirt” and the first Lady of Ruff Ryders was born. Her success skyrocketed quickly but the high was temporary as Eve struggled with depression and anxiety causing her to leave her first major tour. After dealing with her anxiety she came back stronger than ever, rising from the ashes becoming a household name, and her contributions are forever etched in the fabric of Hip Hop.

Episode 3 Ja Rule
S 1 E 3

Ja Rule

Aired on Jun 14, 2022

Ja Rule ruled the airwaves in the late 90s and early 2000s, deeming him the king of Hip Hop anthems. With some of the biggest collaborations the industry has seen, Ja was reigning the charts until it all crumbled. Murder Inc Records came tumbling down, his publicized beef with 50 Cent divided the industry, and his arrest in 2007 knocked him down. After being released, Ja Rule was on the straight and narrow path until he made headlines again, this time for having a hand in the world’s biggest festival gone wrong, Fyre Fest. But with every obstacle, Ja Rule has prevailed over some of the biggest obstacles that have tried to stop him and his career. Ja is a timeless superstar.

Episode 2 Busta Rhymes
S 1 E 2

Busta Rhymes

Aired on Jun 07, 2022

From his eccentric style, booming voice, and explosive career, Busta Rhymes changed the landscape of Hip Hop forever. After the heart wrenching breakup of his group, Leaders of The New School, Busta Rhymes had to forge his own path as a solo artist to keep himself and his dream alive.

Episode 1 Fat Joe
S 1 E 1

Fat Joe

Aired on May 30, 2022

Joey Crack was immersed in the culture of the South Bronx from a young age, but Joe’s passion and drive for music pushed him to win the Apollo’s Amateur night three times, thus propelling him to success and a chance at life away from hustling in the streets. Fat Joe’s authenticity helped him gain respect from all angles as he pushed to break boundaries as one Hip Hop’s only Latino rappers, while also forming a reputable crew of rappers and producers, famously known as The Terror Squad. After loss and hardship, Joe still would spend the next two decades proving to the world that he was just getting started.

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