Episode 99 Get Out of My House
S 1 E 99

Get Out of My House

Aired on Apr 21, 2021

Intruders wake sleeping homeowners and a deadly shootout ensues; a model and her husband are robbed at gunpoint and dodge a barrage of bullets; a man sitting in his yard holds armed robbers at bay with a machete until police arrive; and more.

Episode 98 Assaulted at Work
S 1 E 98

Assaulted at Work

Aired on Apr 21, 2021

A disgruntled renter pulls a gun on an apartment manager and shoots him in a fit of rage; a fast food worker is assaulted by an unhinged customer; a bar owner chokes his employee until her terrified daughter intervenes; and more.

Episode 97 Armed Robberies
S 1 E 97

Armed Robberies

Aired on Apr 28, 2021

An insurance agency worker is cornered by a knife-yielding man; thieves run over a couple that has just made a huge bank withdrawal; a hotel clerk is set on fire when he won’t hand over guests’ credit card numbers; and more.

Episode 96 Snap Judgement
S 1 E 96

Snap Judgement

Aired on Apr 28, 2021

A gunman shoots a man inside a convenience store but is overpowered by customers and employees; a bystander intervenes when a masked man robs a coffee shop and a knife fight ensues; a man holds up a clerk but she turns the tables; and more.

Episode 20 I Survived a Crime
S 1 E 20

I Survived a Crime

Aired on Apr 14, 2021
A retail store worker puts her life on the line to save a prized puppy stolen before her very eyes; a homeowner witnesses his family held at gunpoint and fights back against the assailants; a woman working at her family business battles a knife-wielding assailant who demands money; and more.
Episode 19 #120
S 1 E 19


Aired on Apr 14, 2021

A protective father fends off a would-be home invader with a shovel; a street fight over a parking spot turns into an action film-like disaster for a bakery owner; a robber throws gasoline on a clerk, threatening to light him on fire. And more.

Episode 18 #118
S 1 E 18


Aired on Apr 07, 2021

A man confronts a group of young adults about smoking on the train and is nearly beaten to death; a rideshare driver picks up a sick man, but a traffic jam throws the ailing man into a violent frenzy; a woman is confronted by a knife wielding man at her place of work; and more.

Episode 17 #117
S 1 E 17


Aired on Apr 07, 2021

A motorcyclist is bumped off his bike by an angry motorist; a bartender is choked by her enraged boss; a serial convenience store thief makes peace with the irate owner he stole from. And more.

Episode 16 #116
S 1 E 16


Aired on Mar 31, 2021

An auto parts store owner turns the tables on an armed assailant by taking his gun; an armored car driver survives a terrifying attack; a hotel clerk flips the script on an armed robber; and more.

Episode 15 #115
S 1 E 15


Aired on Mar 31, 2021

A young woman is brutally attacked on the train by an assailant intent on killing her; a coach witnesses a student with a gun roam the hall and helps avert a potential school shooting; a store clerk faces a suspect trying to rob him with an unusual weapon until he turns the tables with his own weapon; and more.

Episode 14 #114
S 1 E 14


Aired on Mar 24, 2021

A robber and a jewelry store owner get into a wild west style shootout; a stay at home mom confronts a coffee shop clerk who used her credit card; a father and son duo fight back against a robbery at gunpoint. And more.

Episode 13 #113
S 1 E 13


Aired on Mar 24, 2021

A longstanding feud comes to a head when two neighbors confront each other with guns; a school bus driver goes on a dangerous high-speed chase to outrun an irate parent who attacks her bus with a hammer; a man who gives his partner terrifying news is targeted and purposefully run over; and more.

Episode 12 #112
S 1 E 12


Aired on Mar 17, 2021

A woman is held hostage in a terrifying home invasion; a man stops a carjacking by using an unusual weapon against his attackers; a convenience store clerk uses his martial arts training to stave off a robber. And more.

Episode 11 #111
S 1 E 11


Aired on Mar 17, 2021

Convenience store customers witness a cold-blooded murder and are barricaded inside the store by a homicidal gunman; a restaurant worker is robbed at gunpoint but is saved by a drive through customer who shoots back; a bartender argues with her irate boss who pounces on her, nearly choking her to death; and more.

Episode 10 I Survived a Crime
S 1 E 10

I Survived a Crime

Aired on Mar 11, 2021
A woman attacks a bus driver in an out of control road rage incident; a man is beaten to within an inch of his life in a hate crime; a woman is brutally assaulted by her ex in a dollar store. And more.
Episode 9 #109
S 1 E 9


Aired on Mar 11, 2021

A typical Sunday morphs into a violent gunfight when two armed men invade a family’s home; an unsuspecting impound lot worker checks out a disturbance and is nearly mowed down by an irate woman in a two-ton truck; a desperate car owner hops on the hood of her vehicle to stop a carjacking; and more.

Episode 8 I Survived a Crime
S 1 E 8

I Survived a Crime

Aired on Mar 10, 2021
A brave grandma fights off two carjackers intent on stealing her truck; a woman stands up against heinous domestic violence; two assailants pull a gun on a store manager who escapes and locks the thieves inside the very store they came to rob; and more.
Episode 7 #107
S 1 E 7


Aired on Mar 10, 2021

A simple snack at a local restaurant turns violent when a grandmother is ripped off, but does not give up; a woman takes on the man who slammed into her van and then tried to run; an aggressive panhandler gets more than a handful of cash when he battles a baker over his dough; and more.

Episode 6 #106
S 1 E 6


Aired on Mar 03, 2021

An errant teen pulls a gun on a convenience store owner who fights him off with a hammer; a business owner dives through a truck window to thwart a carjacking but is violently tossed to the street; a prison librarian is held hostage by a desperate inmate who holds a shank to his neck; and more.

Episode 5 I Survived a Crime
S 1 E 5

I Survived a Crime

Aired on Mar 03, 2021
A man risks his life to safe his wife during a home invasion; two convenience store workers defend their workplace; a hairdresser is put in an unpredictable situation; and more.
Episode 4 I Survived a Crime
S 1 E 4

I Survived a Crime

Aired on Feb 24, 2021
A gas station worker faces down the barrel of a gun and is ordered to empty her registers; a man running an errand goes on a high speed chase to elude carjackers; a hotel worker thwarts a sexual predator with six prior assaults, unmasking him for all to see; and more.
Episode 3 #103
S 1 E 3


Aired on Feb 24, 2021

A family faces off with violent attackers trying to rob their jewelry store; two young women flee from a driver out to get them on a terrifying road trip; convenience and crime collide at a bank ATM; and much more.

Episode 2 #102
S 1 E 2


Aired on Feb 17, 2021

A thief with a knife and a big idea meets a store employee and his bigger blade; a ride share driver has his evening shattered as gunfire rips through his truck; a devious plot involving a bank teller and an ATM lead to a near death encounter; and more.

Episode 1 I Survived a Crime
S 1 E 1

I Survived a Crime

Aired on Feb 17, 2021
A local trip becomes a harrowing ordeal for one family when they're surrounded by an angry mob that attacks their vehicle; a laundromat owner is beaten by unruly patrons from the business next door; a property manager is confronted by a crazed gunman who shoots him twice; and more.

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