Season 2 (9)

2 Seasons | 22 Episodes

Episode 1 Terror Town Part 1
S 2 E 1

Terror Town Part 1

Aired on Apr 08, 2020

Since its founding in 1873, the remote mining town of Clifton, AZ has been trapped in a devastating cycle of violence, mayhem, and natural disaster. But despite its many struggles, Clifton remains home to a small population. Along with its brutal past comes a long history of dark paranormal experiences in the town, which has many residents convinced that Clifton may be cursed. Isolated and concerned the town may no longer be safe for their families, the townspeople have turned to the Ghost Hunters to investigate the continuous paranormal activity and the connection, if any, to Clifton’s history of death and misery.

Episode 2 Terror Town Part 2
S 2 E 2

Terror Town Part 2

Aired on Apr 08, 2020

On their second night of investigation in the remote mining town of Clifton, Arizona the team revisits several hubs of paranormal activity as they try to get to the bottom of the aggressive phenomena. Grant, Brandon and Brian have a breakthrough in the Boarding House, where they establish direct communication with a troubled soul. Meanwhile, the rest of the team expands the search perimeter.

Episode 3 Proof of Afterlife
S 2 E 3

Proof of Afterlife

Aired on Apr 15, 2020

Isolated deep in the wilderness of Southern New Mexico, Fort Stanton was originally established in the 19th century as a military post, then later it was converted to a tuberculosis hospital to help combat the epidemic that swept the country at the turn of the century. Thousands are believed to have died and been buried on site. Though no longer in use, it has been preserved as a cherished historical landmark. Disturbing reports of paranormal activity date back to the 1940s, but a recent uptick in claims has the Deputy Director of New Mexico historic sites worried about the safety of the two lone staff members that live on site. He has reached out to the Ghost Hunters for help.

Episode 4 Nightmare Camp
S 2 E 4

Nightmare Camp

Aired on Apr 22, 2020

The Perry-Mansfield Performing Arts Camp, deep in Northern Colorado forestland, has long been plagued by reports of unsettling paranormal encounters. Today, campers and faculty there still experience paranormal activity. In the first professional investigation of the site, Grant sends the team ahead to begin without him. Later, when Grant joins the team, he proposes a creative tactic that triggers some unexpected results.

Episode 5 Alone in Alaska
S 2 E 5

Alone in Alaska

Aired on Apr 29, 2020

Between 1896 and 1899, countless fortune seekers set out on a voyage to the Klondike region of North America in search of gold. Many had to pass through the small and secluded town of Haines, Alaska. For some, however, Haines was the end of the journey as many lost their lives due to extreme weather conditions, starvation, or bloody conflicts. Due to the violence and disorder, the government established a military outpost to keep the peace. Today, the outpost remains and has since been converted, in part, into a hotel called Hotel Halsingland, where concerning paranormal activity is now being reported. After being contacted by Skylar, a current employee at the hotel, the team agree to trek to Haines where no paranormal investigator has ever investigated.

Episode 6 Haunted Hospital
S 2 E 6

Haunted Hospital

Aired on May 06, 2020
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Episode 7 The Last Mission
S 2 E 7

The Last Mission

Aired on May 13, 2020

The Wendover Airfield, a onetime Army Air Force Base in the salt flats of the Utah desert, played a crucial role in WWII. During training, dozens of pilots died on the base. Now, recent reports of paranormal activity there have stirred speculation; and the reported hauntings cause the staff to fear for their safety, and for that of the ordinary citizens who travel in and out of the base. Desperate for answers, they’ve called upon the team for help.

Episode 8 The Glenn Family Curse
S 2 E 8

The Glenn Family Curse

Aired on May 20, 2020

More than a century ago, when the Glenn House was built in the small town of Cape Girardeau, Missouri, it housed the family of David Glenn, a successful local businessman – until they tragically lost three of their infant children and later went bankrupt. Today, generations later, the historic residence still stands. A rise in disturbing paranormal activity, however, has prompted the local historical association’s president to reach out to Grant for help.

Episode 9 Ghost Hunters Return to Waverly Hills
S 2 E 9

Ghost Hunters Return to Waverly Hills

Aired on May 27, 2020

Dubbed one of the “most haunted places on earth,” Waverly Hills Sanatorium has long been hailed as a “mecca” for paranormal investigators from all around the globe. It is also the site of some of the most striking paranormal encounters from the original “Ghost Hunters.” Now, the new owners have been receiving reports of unsettling new paranormal claims from visitors, which include blood-curdling screams and unexplained sounds. Seeing this as the perfect opportunity to take his new team to one of his favorite haunts, Grant eagerly answers the call for help.

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