Sophie Duvendeck

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Sophie Duvendeck

  • Whatever you're thinking, whatever you're feeling I want you to swallow it and bury it deep down in a place so hidden that you wouldn't even know where to look.

    About Sophie Duvendeck

    M.S. Environmental Science, U.C. Berkeley

    Sophie Duvendeck first garnered international acclaim for her groundbreaking work observing the behavior of arctic predators, spending three uninterrupted months in an isolated observation dome. Ms. Duvendeck describes her time amongst the polar predators as "formative and incredibly peaceful." Outside of Woodbine, Ms. Duvendeck is an advocate for the worldwide movement toward clean, renewable energy. She is a board member of the Aggressive Shift in Energy Harvesting/Open Lobbying Endeavor, a New York based green energy conglomerate. Ms. Duvendeck's A.S.E.H.O.L.E. work has earned her numerous awards and admirers in the environmental community.

    Sophie Duvendeck is played by Natalie Knepp.

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