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Premieres on Jan 26, 2017

As anyone in New Orleans could tell you, when times are toughest, family and friends are more important than anything in the world. Those bonds are on full display when the brother of a paramedic gets sucker-punched and a pair of best friends are in an accident together. And after one of the newer members of the Nightwatch comforts a suicidal patient, he reflects on the bonds he’s forged in his first year in New Orleans.

S 3 E 8

Stranger Things

Aired on Jan 19, 2017

If every night in New Orleans is an adventure, this one is filled with characters in situations unlike any other. A woman in a disagreement with her boyfriend tells police he once brought her back to life after she was murdered; a purse-snatching suspect stops running away from authorities so he can finish eating some chicken strips; and a tarot card reader gets dehydrated after a long day working on Bourbon Street.

S 3 E 7

105 and Rising

Aired on Jan 12, 2017

On a hot, humid night in New Orleans, there’s no escaping the temperatures as tempers rise and violence swells. The police chase two armed carjacking suspects; Keeley tends to an injured young family in a car accident; and Titus and Dan answer a call from a woman who turns out to be a former Playboy bunny.

S 3 E 6

Southern Comfort

Aired on Jan 05, 2017

As Titus puts it early in this episode, “When one of us gets hurt, we feel like all of us are hurt.” And in New Orleans on the Nightwatch, every call isn’t just about a victim whose life is in danger, or even a criminal who’s broken the law. It’s about people serving people. In several calls – from a restaurant in the French Quarter to a car accident uptown – bystanders chip in to help the first responders. There’s also a tourist who has to be coaxed to the hospital, and a rapper whose spotless record belies his style. In every case, the members of the Nightwatch offer southern hospitality, New Orleans style.

S 3 E 5

Heroes Among Us

Aired on Dec 29, 2016
On Nightwatch not all tragedies are created equal and tonight, when the men and women serving New Orleans get word that one of their own has been critically injured, they reflect on the risks they all take. The other calls of then night mirror that reality - including a scene where a small party was thrown into chaos by armed intruders, and a bar where a fight ended with a good Samaritan getting seriously wounded while trying to break it up.
S 3 E 4

We Give Thanks

Aired on Dec 22, 2016

Every night, the members of the Nightwatch in New Orleans are reminded in new ways to be thankful for what they have. This shift is no exception. EMT’s Titus and Dan resuscitate an overdosing drug user just before all hope is lost; Brooke and Landon tend to a young girl with congenital heart issues; and a team of fire fighters contain a fire before it can wreak havoc. Then things get a little lighter when Titus and Dan learn a familiar patient is also a secret admirer of Holly.

S 3 E 3

The Ties That Bind

Aired on Dec 15, 2016
Working together for years has turned Titus and Dan into great friends. But on their shift, they inevitably come across folks who are the victims of crimes perpetuated by those closest to them. It's on calls like these when they become more than just emergency medical technicians; they're also therapists and counselors, doing whatever they can to steer some troubled people back in the right direction.
S 3 E 2


Aired on Dec 08, 2016
In a night filled with multiple shootings, Holly and Nick have to search for a gunshot victim that has gone missing. Meanwhile Titus and Dan tend to a man stabbed multiple times. Keeley is heartbroken about the shooting tragedy in Orlando, and is intent on participating in the city's upcoming pride march.
S 3 E 1

New Beginnings

Aired on Dec 01, 2016
The team celebrates the opening of its new headquarters, finally complete after 10 years of working out of trailers. Meanwhile, Titus has his own new beginning as he's received his paramedic's license and he and long-time partner Dan must adjust to their new shared roles in a variety of calls. And the new team, Arcady and Ted, get to know each other's styles in their first shifts together.
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  • The Nick & Holly Show: Oil Fields of Love

  • The Nick & Holly Show: You Look Like a Serial Killer

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