Billy the Exterminator

Billy the Exterminator


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  • SEASON 7 5 episodes available
  • SEASON 6 16 episodes available
  • SEASON 5 11 episodes available
  • SEASON 4 12 episodes available
  • SEASON 3 16 episodes available
  • SEASON 2 21 episodes available
  • SEASON 1 13 episodes available

Full Episodes

S 7 E 5

Wild Wedding Party

Aired on Apr 19, 2017

With a gang of wild turkeys tearing apart a country wedding venue, a stressed-out wedding planner calls on Billy to puts the bride’s big day back on track. But the birds prove to be more agile than anticipated. What ensues is a comedy of errors as Billy and his partner, Terry, try to put this poultry in its place! Then a trio of Vietnamese Centipedes with a nasty nature and a serious bite is on the loose in a basement apartment! Billy puts himself in the line of fire to keep a family safe.

S 7 E 4

Paranormal Extermination

Aired on Apr 19, 2017

Billy responds to a construction site where a vicious varmint has the tradespeople running scared. He tries to outsmart the beast, and takes some brutal bites in the process. And strange paranormal activity jeopardizes the sale of a country home, so Billy enlists his reluctant dispatcher Bea to investigate. They go in prepared for a ghost hunt, and get more than they bargained for.

S 7 E 3

Snakes on a Boat

Aired on Apr 12, 2017
Billy heads to cottage country where a houseboat rental company finds a nest of snakes inside one of their boats. Billy and his exterminator partner Derick jump into the serpent moshpit and attempt to break up the slithering party. Billy's next call brings him to a storage facility where some deer-elk hybrids are running amok and threatening to injure clients. Billy uses his mettle to herd the hoofed beasts off the property.

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