Sell This House: Extreme Season 3

Season 3 : Episode 1

Seattle, WA

Premiere Date: Apr 20 2013 TVPG

Zane and Claire have lived in their tiny bungalow home for the past 10 years, but with the addition of two children, Grace and Bedford, they are in dire need of a larger living space. Currently, the family has had to utilize every room for multi-purposes, which has created a cluttered environment which covers up the most appealing aspect of their home, the hardwood floors! Tanya Memme, Designer Daniel Kucan, and Builder Charlie Frattini band forces to clean up the space, remove a vomit stained carpet from the master bedroom, completely re-design the outdated, small kitchen with new appliances, resurfaced cabinets, classy countertops and sleek subway tiles. With refinished furniture and the newly highlighted hardwood floors, the once-cluttered home now has an elegant, cozy feel that is sure to entice potential buyers!

Season 3 : Episode 2

Des Moines, WA

Premiere Date: Apr 27 2013 TVPG

When Danny and Angela purchased their home in 2011, they had big plans and dreams for the space. They immediately started renovations on the house to bring the 1963 charm back to life in a modern way. But shortly afterwards, Danny lost his job, and the renovations were halted. After months of unsuccessful job hunting, Danny accepted a position working for Angela's California. However, they can't afford to move if they don't reach their asking price of $250,000! Since buyers know within the first 30 seconds whether they like a house, Designer Daniel Kucan creates a great impression by adding architectural details to the entryway that echo the fireplace in the living room. Builder Charlie Frattini aided Daniel's design by removing a bay window, widening the entrances to the kitchen, and installing new components in the bathroom. Will the updated design be enough for Danny and Angela to sell their house and begin a bright, new future in California?

Season 3 : Episode 3

Redondo Beach, CA

Premiere Date: May 04 2013 TVPG

The Kaufman's bought their house in 2004 with visions of a grand rebuild to really make the place a dream home. Unfortunately they did not foresee the market crashing before they could even get two rooms done! Three out of their four kids will be out of the house soon, so they need to downsize and put what little money they have left into helping their children get an education. Sadly, buyers just aren't interested when they enter the home and see open holes in the ceiling, unfinished trim, and cluttered living areas. Designer Daniel Kucan has plans to transform the interior of this house to fit it's beautiful, Redondo Beach location, while Builder Charlie Frattini recruits the help of Michelle and Abram's youngest son, Logan, to help demo the house. Unfortunately, Charlie's construction is held up by strict building inspectors, wet drywall, and slowly drying paint. As the crew fights the clock, they enlist our own production team to help get this house ready for the reveal.

Season 3 : Episode 4

Atlanta, GA

Premiere Date: May 11 2013 TVPG

Two years ago, Keith and Leigh were forced to take out a reverse mortgage on their family home in order to pay for the 24-hour care of their ailing mother. With the passing of their mother, they are in desperate need to sell the home to pay off the mortgage--but the house design has not been updated in over 50 years, turning off potential buyers! Luckily, Designer Daniel Kucan is on board with an ambitious plan to modernize the living space and add some charm and character to the dated house. Builder Charlie Frattini demolishes a wall between the kitchen and what was originally designed to be the dining room yet was currently being used as a makeshift den with an out of place bed and a dryer. Daniel's open floor plan highlights newly installed French doors and an additional entryway to the rest of the house. With the addition of modern appliances, newly tiled floors and walls, elegant countertops, and an updated paint job, this house has finally entered the 21st century!

Season 3 : Episode 5

Tucker, GA

Premiere Date: May 18 2013 TVPG

Joy and James have been living in their traditional two-story home for five years, but with four children in the mix, their house is bursting at the seams. They need to sell their home to upgrade to a larger space, but potential home buyers aren't biting, since at every turn you can see the remnants of their 1970's d cor: outdated cabinets, faux stone vinyl flooring, ugly wallpaper, and tacky wood paneling. But with the help of the Sell This House: Extreme building team, the home is brought into the 21st Century with a refinished kitchen, classic tile flooring and--luckily--a replacement of the wood paneling. Now, when potential home buyers enter the house, they can immediately sense the infinite potential of this refined and modern design.

Season 3 : Episode 6

Prairieville, LA

Premiere Date: Jun 01 2013 TVPG

When Summer married Daniel, she also married his bachelor pad! Their house is creeping out buyers with its funky layout, Superman blue walls, beat up kitchen, and weird tiny room with cement floors. Tanya Memme is joined by designer Daniel Kucan and builder Charlie Frattini, who get to work making the house more spacious and well lit, installing hardwood flooring, and creating a fashionable rug using FLOR tiles. They even turn the cement room into a functioning laundry room, and they do it all in just five days. Will the house be a buyer magnet now?
Season 3 : Episode 7

New Orleans, LA

Premiere Date: Jun 08 2013 TVPG

After living in New Orleans, Liz and Jason have decided that city life isn't for them anymore. They're also running out of room for their growing brood--of chickens! But buyers are turned off by the cottage's cramped layout and wacky mix of flooring. Enter designer Daniel Kucan and builder Charlie Frattini, who add flooring, turn the tiny kitchen into a chef's dream, convert the office into a master suite fit for a king, and pull it all together with exciting modern design. Will anybody chicken out on buying now?
Season 3 : Episode 8

Mercer Island, WA

Premiere Date: Aug 14 2005 TVPG

The Collingwood family has lived at their large Mercer Island home for 12 years. It's in a desirable secluded neighborhood just over the bridge from Seattle. Homes in this neighborhood normally sell within two weeks on the market, but for some reason this house with its stylish living room, lush back yard and large deck has been on the market for over a year and a half. Our designer, Roger Hazard, is ready to step up to the challenge. He makes Rob clear out the spare room he's been crashing in. He takes some extra furniture for the downstairs, and tones down the rooms blue carpet with a strong gray drop cloth used as a linen. After a few furniture adjustments to each room, the place is ready for action. But will the makeover push someone into buying? Tanya Memme hosts.
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