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S 1 E 1


Aired on Jun 30, 2003

Looks at how law enforcers stick with cases for many years, using fresh evidence to win convictions or to free prisoners who were wrongfully jailed. We examine the unsolved murder of Hogan’s Heroes star Bob Crane, meet a Dallas criminalist who uses state-of-the-art fingerprint matching to catch a rapist and murderer, see how Phoenix police solve the murder of a missing Navajo girl 20 years later, and talk to O.J. Simpson defense attorney Barry Scheck about DNA and an Illinois rape case.

S 1 E 4

The Answer In The Box/Maternal Instinct

Aired on Aug 04, 1999
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S 1 E 5

The Hunter Homicides / Skulls In Stanley Park

Aired on Aug 05, 1999
DNA tests identify a skull of a 14-year-old boy who went missing 6 years earlier. When a second skull is found, investigators fear they have a serial killer in the area. In Florida, detectives trace a gun used in a 4-year-old murder.
S 1 E 6

Through The Eyes Of A Child / Killer Next Door

Aired on Apr 25, 2000
In Missouri, a part-time missionary is convicted, 38 years later, of killing her 5-year-old stepdaughter, and the skeleton of a Michigan boy, dead for 10 years, leads police to a serial killer.
S 1 E 7

One Night On The Bayou / Buckeye Misdemeanor

Aired on Jun 13, 2000
Alligators feasting on a human corpse help police to crack a murder investigation. Phoenix police discover that a preacher is the culprit in a 20-year-old murder.
S 1 E 8

The Mark Of Cain/Death On The Freeway

Aired on Jun 27, 2000
A man in Florida is reported missing and his roommate is the main suspect. Then, at first it looks like L.A.P.D. Sgt. George Arthur died in a car crash. But two days later, four bullets are found in his skull.
S 1 E 9

Terror In Telluride / Signature of a Killer

Aired on Aug 08, 2000
A tipster's phone call helps solve the murder of the heir to the U-Haul company fortune, and a grisly murder case is solved two decades later with the use of new fingerprint technology.
S 1 E 10

Diary of a Serial Arsonist / The Lost Clue

Aired on Sep 19, 2000
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S 1 E 11

Killer on the Strip / The Doll Murder

Aired on Oct 03, 2000
In Palm Beach, a determined cop solves the murder of prostitute Lucy Pate five years later. In 1989, Susan Doll was found beaten, raped, and strangled. Investigators extracted DNA from a semen stain, but had no suspect to match it against - until 1995.
S 1 E 13

Justice Delayed / The Burning Secret

Aired on Dec 26, 2000
A woman tracks down the man who raped her 7 years earlier, only to find out that the statute of limitations on rape is 6 years; and a detective keeps a murder investigation going for 16 years to proves a woman killed her husband in a satanic rite.
S 1 E 14

Reconstructing Murder / Fire Flicks

Aired on Jan 09, 2001
In Wisconsin, advances in forensic clay modeling help investigators identify a murder victim whose skin was stripped from her head, neck, and legs. And in California, police track down two boys who enjoy satanic rituals and setting fires.
S 1 E 15

The Missing Informant / Man's Best Friend

Aired on Feb 20, 2001
Police solve a murder when divers find a skeleton in a car at the bottom of a river. A dead dog's DNA helps crack open a six-year-old case.
S 1 E 16

Killer in the County

Aired on Mar 21, 2001
The killer of four women goes free until cold case detective John Little is brought in and finds key evidence on a coffee cup. This portrait of a ruthless murderer includes tapes of his chilling confessions.
S 1 E 17

Presumed Dead / The Tow Truck Killer

Aired on May 01, 2001
DNA evidence helps crack the case of a white supremacist who strangled his girlfriend and put her body in a refrigerator. Hypnosis helps solve the murder of a deputy sheriff.
S 1 E 18

Portrait Of A Killer/The Tortured Truth

Aired on May 29, 2001
The accidental discovery of a human scalp leads to the conviction of a man for murder 18 years after the killing. And a teenager who likes to kidnap younger boys and break their bones, kills one and tortures another.
S 1 E 20

The Missing And The Dead

Aired on Jul 24, 2001
When a passing motorist spots a fire along a country road in South Carolina and calls it in, police arrive to discover the badly burned and battered remains of a woman, her skull smashed in to ninety-seven fragments.
S 1 E 21

The South Side Rapist

Aired on Aug 28, 2001
A series of brutal rapes in St. Louis goes unsolved for many years until a fluke audit of a license plate number leads police to the culprit.
S 1 E 22

Frozen in Time / Little Girl Lost

Aired on Sep 04, 2001
Using a hair dryer to thaw a frozen corpse, detectives get to the bottom of a grisly murder. The discovery of a child's skeleton in a Chicago garden puts police on the trail of an oddball family.
S 1 E 23

Family Secret / Blood Trail

Aired on Oct 30, 2001
Forty-one years after the crime, a woman implicates her brother in the murder of a policeman. A group of law enforcement professionals, who volunteer their expertise to crack difficult cases, find evidence that helps solve a Texas murder.
S 1 E 24

Bodies In The Bay/Till Death Do Us Part

Aired on Nov 19, 2001
A sunset boat ride in Florida leads to death for a vacationing woman and her two daughters. Police investigate a Texas man whose three wives all died in mysterious fashions.

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