Storage Wars: Miami

Storage Wars: Miami

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S 1 E 1

Bienvenido a Miami!

Aired on Oct 06, 2015
In this hour-long premiere episode of Storage Wars: Miami, the buyers go head-to-head in Hialeah and Miramar, FL. Yorgen and Christian find the complete works of a local legend. Kevin uses a simple auction trick to steal a room from Jorge. Lindsey tries to refurbish a piece of furniture, but it might not earn Greg's approval. And Jorge and Maydel discover a reason to go to the Keys...but will their find leave them high and dry?
S 1 E 2

Miami Wow Machine

Aired on Oct 13, 2015
The buyers head to a Jerry Mahaffey auction in Pembroke Pines, FL. Greg and Lindsey are in sync and score a room that has them ready to drink. Jorge and Maydel find a very old map that might piece together a profit for them. And Kevin battles Yorgen and Christian...but who will crack first?
S 1 E 3

Big Booty Foes

Aired on Oct 13, 2015
The buyers are in Lantana, Florida. Kevin gets to the auction early in order to stake out his competition. Jorge and Maydel find a piece of music history and hang out with some '80s legends. A misunderstanding between Greg and Lindsey nearly gets them smoked. And Yorgen and Christian come across a medical device...but will they like their diagnosis?
S 1 E 4

Don't Hate the Gator, Hate the Gate

Aired on Oct 20, 2015
The buyers are in Hialeah, FL. Greg and Lindsey come across a treasure trove of shiny kilos. Jorge and Maydel find a reason to visit a sugary wonderland. Yorgen and Christian try to be more than just pretty boys. And Kevin decides to break the other buyers... but will he be the one to snap?
S 1 E 5

Deuces Wild

Aired on Oct 20, 2015
The buyers return to Miramar, FL. Despite a detour to the bathroom, Kevin grabs a locker with a lot of bite. Greg and Lindsey have their eyes on appliances. When Christian takes a gamble, Yorgen takes a fall. And Jorge and Maydel put on their game faces... but will their locker "suit" their needs?
S 1 E 6

To Hell and Backpack

Aired on Oct 27, 2015
The buyers attend an auction in Florida City, FL. Jorge goes for a holiday unit when Maydel spots something from her past in it. Kevin has his sights set on a big locker with big money. Greg and Lindsey go cuckoo over their room. And Yorgen and Christian gamble on a backpack...but will they be impressed by what they find?
S 1 E 7

Interview With the Vampirologist

Aired on Nov 03, 2015
The buyers cruise into Cooper City, FL. Kevin protects his territory by imposing a neighborhood tax. Jorge and Maydel go on a first date and end up with a big score. Things heat up when Yorgen and Christian find a fancy pair of scissors. And Greg and Lindsey discover an old kit...but will it help them slay the competition?
S 1 E 8

O Brother, Where Art My Money?

Aired on Nov 10, 2015
The buyers mix it up in Hialeah, FL. Jorge brings his man stash and a manly attitude. Yorgen and Christian come across some really old dominoes. Greg finds it hard to buy when Lindsey is holding their money. And Kevin finds a lot of car parts...but will he find any brotherly love?
S 1 E 9

There's No Place Like Foam

Aired on Nov 17, 2015
The buyers go big in Miramar, Florida. Yorgen and Christian come with a small plan. Greg and Lindsey's party room gets the good times bubbling. Jorge finds an upscale treat for Maydel. And Kevin finds an old helmet... but will he end up taking a dive?
S 1 E 10

Fit Lauderdale

Aired on Nov 24, 2015
The buyers get fired up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Yorgen and Christian find an unusual suit that gets them pumped up. Greg and Lindsey discover a new way to shake off the pounds. Jorge and Maydel fight to stay awake. And Kevin doubles down at the auction... but will he end up a cut above the rest?

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