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  • SEASON 3 7 episodes available
  • SEASON 2 11 episodes available
  • SEASON 1 6 episodes available

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It's Complicated

Premieres on Jun 27, 2017

The friends try to get away from it all by visiting a dude ranch, but life’s complications come right along with them. Elena finishes her barista training and learns her fate. And as the idea of marriage becomes more of a reality, is Angel getting cold feet?

S 3 E 7

What Love Means

Aired on Jun 20, 2017

Questions are answered and myths debunked when the cast experiences an open and frank discussion on love, relationships and sexuality. Mariano and Bea struggle to communicate with Cristina about her sexuality.

S 3 E 6


Aired on Jun 13, 2017

All the friends rally to support one of their own that has suffered an unexpected heartbreak. Rachel gets a call back for her first ever film audition. Fathers and Sons join Sean in throwing a “Man Shower” for his friend Sean C. that winds up being just as crazy as it sounds.

S 3 E 5

The Blindside

Aired on Jun 06, 2017

John Tucker discovers a side of his father he never knew existed. Rachel gets an audition for a film. Steven and Megan wish on a rainbow that they will live happily ever after, but a shocking event changes the dynamic of the group forever.

S 3 E 4

One Giant Step

Aired on May 30, 2017

In an attempt to get her mother out of her love life, Megan enlists Sean and Elena to help Kris find a guy to occupy her time. Elena begins the arduous training it will take to fulfill her dream of being a Barista. Cristina signs a lease and becomes the first of the group to live totally on her own. Megan and Steven have a romantic third date, this time without hovering parents.

S 3 E 3

New Man in Town

Aired on May 23, 2017

In her year of YES! Rachel determines it’s not too late to pursue her lifelong dream of being an actress. Megan and Steven are frustrated when the romantic dinner they had planned for their second date turns into a group activity. Sean deals with one of the biggest choices of his life; one that could affect his entire future. Plus, there’s a new man in town and his name is Rocco!

S 3 E 2

The Love Boat

Aired on May 16, 2017

On the high seas, the cast of Born This Way surprises everyone by taking risks and overcoming fears, some while dangling from a cable a hundred feet above the deck! The parents cannot believe how their young adults have grown and changed. On a magical first date, Steven and Megan take the biggest risk of all; daring to take those first tentative steps toward falling in love.

S 3 E 1

The Times They Are a Changin'

Aired on May 16, 2017

Down syndrome is not keeping this group of friends from embracing life. The intense mutual attraction between Megan and Steven puts her seven-year romance with Brendan in jeopardy. The thought of this new relationship has the whole group buzzing as they embark together on a grand adventure. Cristina is about to put into practice all she learned in those independent living classes. Before she can marry Angel, her parents want her to live on her own.

  • Life Lessons: Mariano's Vacation

  • Life Lessons: Alan on the Perfect Family

  • Life Lessons: Alyse on Acceptance

  • #LotsOfSocks for World Down Syndrome Day

  • Bonus: The Lucky Few

  • Cristina and Angel's Romance


Life Lessons

What All Parents can Learn from Families Living with Disability READ THE ARTICLE
Shining a Light

College Students Not Limited by Down Syndrome

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Born This Way Resources


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