Manhunters: Fugitive Task Force

Manhunters: Fugitive Task Force

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  • SEASON 3 21 episodes available

Full Episodes

S 1 E 1

Third Time's The Charm

Aired on Dec 09, 2008
The hunt is on when Fugitive Task Force member Tommy Kilbride learns that a repeat offender has returned to the US. The suspect has been deported from the US twice after serving time in prison for drug trafficking and firearms possession.
S 1 E 2

Roxanne's First Fugitive

Aired on Dec 09, 2008
Detective Roxanne Lopez and Commander Lenny DePaul pull together a team of Marshals to locate a suspect who sexually assaulted a young girl multiple times.
S 1 E 3

Hide and Seek - Part 1

Aired on Dec 16, 2008
Kalif Logan was killed, shot 13 times with a series of AK-47 rounds. The prime suspect, a childhood friend and neighbor, allegedly murdered Logan in retaliation for a fist fight. Detective Peppers and his partner Inspector Potucek are charged with finding Logan's murderer, who is one of Newark Police Department's most wanted and most feared--and possibly still in possession of the AK-47.
S 1 E 4

Hide and Seek - Part 2

Aired on Dec 22, 2008
Pep and Danny's continued hunt for Logan's killer takes them and the Fugitive Task Force all around Newark and down south through the woods of North Carolina.
S 1 E 5

Valentine's Day Heist

Aired on Dec 23, 2008
Commander Lenny DePaul assigns Inspector Greg Holmes and Detective Roxanne Lopez to help him track a woman, who allegedly walked into the Franklin Federal Savings and Loan Bank in Richmond, VA with a handgun, demanding money.
S 1 E 6

Sneaking Back In

Aired on Dec 23, 2008
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S 1 E 7

Pep Takes it Personal

Aired on Dec 30, 2008
Detective Rasheen Peppers receives a case from Newark PD on a young man, who was robbed, shot and left severely paralyzed. For Pep, the situation is particularly upsetting because cases like this one give his hometown, Newark, such a bad reputation.
S 1 E 8

Fingerprints Don't Lie

Aired on Jan 06, 2009
When INTERPOL learns that a murder suspect, who was part of a kidnapping in 1990 in Greece, is living in the New York area, they ask Commander Lenny DePaul and his Fugitive Task Force to track and capture Greece's most wanted criminal.
S 1 E 9

15 Years Running

Aired on Jan 06, 2009
Commander Lenny DePaul assigns Deputy Michelle Michy Mendez a case that has gone cold for 15 years. Mendez makes it her mission to prove to Lenny that she can crack this case, one that has eluded other Marshals.
S 1 E 10

Timing Is Everything

Aired on Jan 13, 2009
Commander Lenny DePaul and Senior Parole Officer Vinny Senzamici get a case involving a man with a lengthy, violent criminal history. Vinny works closely with Investigator Federico Merced trying to gather leads.
S 1 E 11


Aired on Jan 13, 2009
Detective Rasheen Peppers and the Fugitive Task Force get called in to take over the case of finding a suspect known as Houdini, a suspect who escaped a Newark police precinct's Interrogation room.
S 1 E 12

Colombian Cartel Doctor

Aired on Jan 20, 2009
15 years ago, in a Bogot court house, a man was charged with brutally murdering his wife. He was allegedly the physician for an infamous Colombian Drug Cartel, one of the largest and most notorious drug organizations in the world. With the help of his connections witnesses disappeared, the trial was tainted, and he got away with murder. But years later, his case was resurrected by a new judge and he was found guilty, sentenced to 28 years in prison. The only problem was, he had disappeared.
S 1 E 13

On the Stroll

Aired on Jan 27, 2009
Senior Parole Officer Vinny Senzamici and Officer Jesus Demung get a disturbing case involving a woman convicted of promoting the prostitution of a 13-year-old girl. Child prostitution has become a serious problem across the US, but it is still rare to find a woman who would solicit a young child for sex.
S 1 E 14

The Bronx Boys

Aired on Feb 03, 2009
Deputy US Marshal Michelle Mendez is on a mission to find two suspects from the South Bronx that are, supposedly, on a crime spree which seems to be progressing more violently with each offense.
S 1 E 15

Roxy's Sweep

Aired on Feb 10, 2009
Detective Roxanne Lopez has enlisted the help of Commander Lenny DePaul to launch Operation Clean Sweep, a massive tactical strike by over 100 US Marshals and area law enforcement officers to capture dozens of wanted suspects in Spring Valley.
S 1 E 16


Aired on Feb 17, 2009
Commander Lenny DePaul and Deputy Michelle Mendez assemble a strong crew to work the case involving a man who escaped from custody and is on the run.
S 1 E 18

Wake Up Call

Aired on Feb 24, 2009
Commander Lenny DePaul launches an intense search with the resources of the U.S. Marshals to capture a sex offender who is wanted for larceny and violating his parole. The Task Force sets out to track him down before he hurts anyone else.
S 1 E 19

With Friends Like These

Aired on Mar 10, 2009
When Detective Rasheen Peppers is asked to find a murder suspect in Newark, he promises to leave no stone unturned. But when he hits the streets and questions the fugitive's friends and family, no one is willing to talk.
S 1 E 20


Aired on Mar 10, 2009
Currently Unavailable on our Site
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