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  • SEASON 7 10 episodes available
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  • SEASON 5 8 episodes available
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Full Episodes

S 7 E 10


Aired on Jan 11, 2017

Mark and his kids are in town, so Alma celebrates the holidays early. Donnie is unable to attend, but sends special presents to his family.

S 7 E 9


Aired on Jan 04, 2017

Mark sets up Paul on a London tour with ’80s pop star Rick Astley. Donnie gets cooking tips from Alma.

S 7 E 8

If The Horseshoe Fits

Aired on Dec 28, 2016

Paul cooks for the prestigious Taste of the Derby but his brothers tag along so they can bet the Kentucky Derby. Mark travels to Air Jordan headquarters to develop a Wahlburgers shoe.

S 7 E 7

Bend It Like Wahlberg

Aired on Dec 21, 2016

Mark and Paul visit the Tottenham Hotspur’s stadium as a potential Wahlburgers location and learn about the other football. Bob surprises Alma with a visit from her daughter Michelle.

S 7 E 6


Aired on Dec 14, 2016

Mark tries to convince Michael Bay to let him wear Wahlburgers apparel in Transformers. Paul forces Alma out of her dietary rut by taking her out to try some new cuisine.

S 7 E 5

Great Scotland!

Aired on Dec 07, 2016

Mark forces Paul to prepare an elegant meal for the Lords and Ladies of Hopetoun House in Scotland so he can play golf at St Andrews. Now that he is an investor in the family business, Bob is determined to get a burger named after him.

S 7 E 4

Take Me Out to the Paul Game

Aired on Nov 30, 2016

Donnie has Paul put together a burger speed-eating contest at the Coney Island Wahlburgers to coincide with Donnie throwing out the ceremonial first pitch of the Brooklyn Cyclones minor league baseball team. Donnie takes lessons from the Cyclones pitching coach so he doesn’t embarrass himself or the family name. Back in Boston, Bob’s daughter, Charlie, asks him about their family heritage for a school project. Bob brings in Alma and Uncle Archie to talk about the two sides of the family, and takes a DNA test to find out how Irish the family really is.

S 7 E 3

Wahl in the Family

Aired on Nov 23, 2016

Donnie welcomes Bob and Oscar® to Chicago while they’re there to visit colleges. Donnie takes them to scout a potential Wahlburgers location in St. Charles, Illinois and pulls out all the stops to convince Oscar® to make Chicago his college town. Mark flies into Toronto for the premiere of his new film, Deepwater Horizon, at the esteemed Toronto International Film Festival, and runs into Paul who is in town doing publicity for the Toronto Wahlburgers.

S 7 E 2

Go Midwest Young Men

Aired on Nov 16, 2016

Mark works hand in hand with the franchisee of the new Detroit Wahlburgers to make sure the location opens up in record time. Donnie invites Paul to come and join him scout for potential downtown Chicago locations. While in Chi-Town, Donnie tricks Paul into teaching a cooking class for a menu item Donnie had made up minutes earlier. Mark pulls Paul out of Chicago to finish manager training after pushing the Detroit grand opening date.

S 7 E 1

VR the World

Aired on Nov 16, 2016

Hoping to gives fans that don’t live near any of the restaurants a taste of the atmosphere, Donnie hires a team to create a virtual reality experience of the Hingham Wahlburgers. Donnie works to convince Paul and Alma to be in it with him. Meanwhile, in an effort to resurrect Drama-Boy, Mark introduces Drama to an up and coming Boston rapper named Token.

  • Brotherly Competition at Coney Island

  • Mark Pranks Paul

  • Donnie Gets Revenge by Making Paul Sing

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