Margot Bass

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Margot Bass

  • Prepare to have your mind blown.
    - Margot Bass

    About Margot Bass

    PhD. Epidemiology, Washington University

    Margot Bass is the second most-tenured team member at Woodbine and the only medical professional currently on staff. Her dedication to medicine is unparalleled, particularly her personal interest in pediatrics. Dr. Bass founded a residency program where she would cohabitate with the families of sick children for indefinite periods of time. In addition, she established a short-lived Make-A-Wish program encouraging healthy children to approach her with their dreams to be personally fulfilled by Dr. Bass, as she considers herself "a mother to all the children of the world." An advocate for an active lifestyle, Dr. Bass participates in Pilates, yoga, spinning, water aerobics, Zumba, kickboxing, step, P90X, and golf.


    Margot Bass is played by Elizabeth Stanley.

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