Hannah Trouter

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Hannah Trouter

  • I never miss a man-whore auction.

    About Hannah Trouter

    Administrative Assistant
    Fashion Merchandising, Nassau Community College

    Hannah Trouter's contributions to Woodbine are numerous. Ms. Trouter oversaw Woodbine's online migration from GeoCities to their current internet home. In addition, it was Ms. Trouter who, on a hunch, got rid of Woodbine's single cup coffee maker a full three weeks before a burn-related recall was publicly announced. She is currently involved in continuing education and most recently served as wardrobe assistant on the straight-to-DVD children's film, "Undercover Beaver." She also created her own line of jewelry manufactured from the caps of various brands of iced-teas, which she hopes to have on Etsy by the end of 2014.

    Hannah Trouter is played by Ashley Austin Morris.

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