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Brit Parker

  • For a lot of issues, there are two sides to it. But amazingly, sometimes we find six sides to issues.

    About Brit Parker

    M.A. Political Science, University of Virginia

    Brit Parker is the newest member of Woodbine and joins the group with an impressive service resume. After receiving his degree, he served as Director of Development for Helping Paws, a notable charity that provides highly trained service ferrets to needy people with prohibitive dog allergies. Additionally, Mr. Parker worked alongside Naomi and Wynonna Judd to create Little Juddies, an urban outreach program providing inner city youth with a creative outlet in the form of country music. When not amongst the bright minds of Woodbine, Mr. Parker's extensive research into the habits of our nation's greatest politicians lead the publishing of his first book, "The Lion That Never Roared: The Effectiveness of Passivity in Leadership."

    Brit Parker is played by Jeff Galante.

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