The Governor's Wife

Season 1

Season 1 : Episode 1

Happy Birthday, Mr. Governor

Premiere Date: Oct 27 2013 TV14 D-L

After recently marrying ex-con and the four time former governor of Louisiana Edwin Edwards, Trina settles into her new life as The Governor's Wife. She takes a plunge onto the stage and into the spotlight at the annual charity dance benefit. While at the same time Trina plans a surprise for Edwin's 85th birthday that he'll never forget. And Trina and Edwin break some big news that ruffles some family feathers.
Season 1 : Episode 2

If at First You Don't Succeed...

Premiere Date: Oct 27 2013 TVPG L-D

Edwin and Trina brave the media before finding out if their attempts at getting pregnant were successful or not. Trina and Edwin's differences are revealed as they face off in a household power struggle. And Trina's 62-year-old stepdaughter goes on her first date in decades.
Season 1 : Episode 3

It's My Party

Premiere Date: Nov 03 2013 TVPG L-D

While preparing for the new baby, Trina also plays party planner to her 60-year-old stepdaughters. Her sister Taylor gets engaged and wrestles her for another favor, this time one that doesn't involve bailing her out of prison. And all this stress puts Trina's baby in danger.
Season 1 : Episode 4

Edwin's Will

Premiere Date: Nov 03 2013 TVPG L-D

Despite the family's dissent, Edwin approaches immortality and plans his will and funeral. Victoria recalls her showgirl days and makes a return to the stage at Trina's expense. While Trina receives some alarming gifts for the new baby from her 60-year-old stepdaughters.
Season 1 : Episode 5

21st Century Dad

Premiere Date: Nov 10 2013 TVPG L-D

Now 20 weeks pregnant, Trina throws a gender reveal party to discover if her new baby is a girl like she desperately hopes, or not. Trina's stepdaughter goes on a second date and this time brings her impossible sister along. And Edwin teaches Trevor a thing or two about ditching technology and embracing the "old ways".
Season 1 : Episode 6

Family Feud

Premiere Date: Nov 10 2013 TV14 D-L

After years of issues the conflict between Trina and Victoria finally reaches a head. All the drama drives Trina to seek support from Edwin's ex-wife and Victoria's biological mother, Elaine Edwards. Trina suffers from pregnancy cravings that drive Edwin mad. And Trina gets ready for an extravagant New Orleans do that might mirror Liberace's mausoleum. The unruly guest list includes Bill Clinton's infamous mistress Gennifer Flowers and New Orleans' icon Chris Owens.
Season 1 : Episode 7

Supermodel/Model Citizen

Premiere Date: Nov 17 2013 TVPG L-D

Trina is favorably featured on the cover of a local magazine. She's excited about her new found fame but her family sees it differently. Edwin is finally released from parole and can legally cross state boarders. In celebration, Edwin and Trina plan a babymoon that quickly turns into an Edwards' family road trip. And Trina's 60 year-old stepdaughters act out with permanent consequences.
Season 1 : Episode 8

Oh Baby!

Premiere Date: Nov 10 2013 TVPG L-D

Life in the Edwards household is about to change as Trina goes into early labor and gives birth to a baby boy. The entire family is excited to meet the little one, but Trina's sixty year-old stepdaughters have very different reactions to their new sibling. And Edwin takes on modern day fatherhood--this time politics won't get in the way, but will his old-school parenting style?
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Victoria Wants To Meet Anna's Date
Video: Victoria Wants To Meet Anna's Date watch clips
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Season 1