Uriah Shelton

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Uriah Shelton as
Jeff Cargill

  • About Jeff

    Jeff Cargill is Callie's son, a good-looking, smart 15 year-old who struggles to reconcile his parents' odd and up-for-grabs marital status. Jeff constantly tests his boundaries with his mother and is often frustrated by her shifting job status, but he is deeply concerned with her happiness and well-being. While he likes Jim, he still maintains a strong bond with his father Ray, who resides in witness protection.
    I know I haven't always been the best son in the world...
    - Jeff Cargill

    About Uriah Shelton

    You may have seen Uriah in:
    Blue (2012-2013) Josh
    Last Man Standing (2011) Ben Milbauer
    Monk (2009) Nicky Phelps

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