Sadie Sullivan

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Sadie Sullivan

  • About Sadie Sullivan

    Barb West's right-hand horse wrangler and longtime friend, Sadie Sullivan, was born into a rodeo family and has spent her whole life around horses.

    Sadie lives and breathes the rodeo hustle, and she does it all on her own whether it's bucking hay, changing a tire, fixing her truck or taking care of her horses.

    When she's not on the road, Sadie raises border collies on her 6 generation family farm.

    Sadie is quick witted and a bit of a tomboy, she enjoys hunting and fishing. She is also active with the Peth Ranch (home of the legendary Wick Peth) in helping with various cattle work. Sadie is the type of gal you want to have your back, she'll never start the fight, but she dang sure will finish it.

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