Montecito Season 1

Season 1 : Episode 1

Hot Enough For You

Powerful socialite Arlene sweeps back into the ballroom-dance scene in affluent Montecito, infuriating rivals and putting studio owner David in a tough spot. New dancer MaryAnne strikes sparks with her teacher Jamie, arousing his fiancée Bonnie’s jealousy. A dance floor flirtation goes public for Erika and Rumen. An A-list party turns into a public humiliation as Arlene unveils her hot new dance partner Jonathan.
Season 1 : Episode 2

Too Close for Comfort

As the first big competition nears, Arlene clashes with Patti, and newbie MaryAnne's middle-of-the-night jitters threaten to get Jamie in trouble. Jonathan and Arlene try to make their mark at the competition in Scottsdale – but a showdown on the dance floor leads to an explosive confrontation and a declaration of war.
Season 1 : Episode 3

More Than Partners

The Scottsdale competition leads to an angry confrontation between two old friends. Arlene ups the ante by starting a rival studio with Jonathan. MaryAnne puts her heart on the line with Jamie and makes a shocking discovery. Aubree has to make a heartbreaking split but finds solace in another guy’s arms. A clash over Maryanne drives Jamie and Bonnie’s engagement to the breaking point.
Season 1 : Episode 4

An Offer You Can't Refuse

MaryAnne and Jamie have a difficult breakup, but Ryan steps in to pick up the pieces. Arlene and Jonathan's new studio makes a splash in Montecito. Erika warns Aubree not to steal Rumen from her. Jonathan tries to woo Rumen into working for him – leading to a face-to-face with his rival David.
Season 1 : Episode 5

Him or Me

Rivalries between the studios lead to an angry showdown between Jonathan and Jamie. Erika's new boyfriend is suspicious of her closeness to Rumen. MaryAnne's touchy relationship with her daughter is eased by an unexpected revelation from Ryan. At an exclusive Montecito party, tensions and jealousies flare and friendships are shattered.
Season 1 : Episode 6

Last Dance

Erika is given a heartbreaking ultimatum before the final competition in Palm Springs. Jamie and Bonnie's hopes are threatened by illness. Aubree confronts Erika – and Rumen finds his hands full trying to juggle two jealous women. Jonathan and David face off for top honors – and rivalries get played out on the dance floor.
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Hot Enough For You
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Season 1