Modern Dads

Season 1

Season 1 : Episode 1

Piece of Cake

Premiere Date: Aug 21 2013 TVPG L-D

Follow the exploits of four stay-at-home dads as they juggle the requirements and social expectations of being both a "modern man" and "Modern Dad." In this episode the guys help Rick plan the twins' first birthday party. Stone considers a vasectomy.
Season 1 : Episode 2


Premiere Date: Aug 28 2013 TVPG L-D

Nate over-commits to baby proofing the house. Rick steps in. Stone deals with a moral dilemma after being hit on by a married woman.
Season 1 : Episode 3

On the Juice

Premiere Date: Sep 04 2013 TVPG L-D

Rick goes on an all-juice diet with Stone as his mentor. Sean and Rachel find it difficult to have alone time and attempt to soundproof the bedroom.
Season 1 : Episode 4

Poker Night

Premiere Date: Sep 11 2013 TVPG L-D

The guys finally resume their weekly poker game. After the babysitter calls in sick, a surprise visitor crashes. Sean turns to Rachel to help his bluffing skills. Rachel challenges him to strip poker.
Season 1 : Episode 5

Wipe Out

Premiere Date: Oct 06 2013 TVPG L-D

Rick attempts to make money by creating an online parenting video. Sean helps give it a little something extra. Stone takes Danica to Mommy and Me swim lessons and agrees to auction himself for charity after the Mommies insist.
Season 1 : Episode 6

Driving Me Crazy

Premiere Date: Oct 06 2013 TVPG L-D

Rick's SUV is acting up and Meghan thinks it's time to get a minivan. Stone helps watch Cormac while Nate resumes his photography business with his latest booking--a boudoir session.
Season 1 : Episode 7

Things We Do for Love

Premiere Date: Oct 13 2013 TVPG L-D

Nate and Truly decide its finally time to get out of the house and enjoy some alone time. In an attempt to impress a lady friend, Stone commits to building a pergola and makes Rick do all the dirty work.
Season 1 : Episode 8


Premiere Date: Oct 13 2013 TVPG L-D

Rick loses his iPhone filled with irreplaceable pictures. Rick and Nate retrace steps while keeping it a secret from Meghan. Stone and Sean take the girls to the zoo and are forced with the moral dilemma of whether or not telling white lies about the "birds and the bees" is a good idea.
Season 1 : Episode 9

Put a Ring On It

Premiere Date: Oct 20 2013 TVPG L-D

When the guys hear that Sean is going to propose to Rachel, they immediately begin planning the bachelor party. Rick helps Sean haggle for Rachel's "perfect ring".
Season 1