Nathan Hall

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Nathan Hall

  • About Nathan Hall

    Kids: Cormac, 1
    Relationship Status: married to Truly

    Nathan has been married to Truly, a high-profile medical director who works grueling 12-14 hour shifts, for 12 years. Nathan is a professional music and portrait photographer. When Nathan and Truly decided to become parents, they found it harder than expected: they discovered they were having trouble conceiving. After hitting a wall, they decided to try in vitro fertilization.

    On Mother's Day of 2011, they got the big news: Truly was pregnant. Their son Cormac, now a year old, has become Nathan's entire life. As a new father, Nathan has invested his every moment in Cormac's well-being, becoming both overprotective and obsessive with the minutia of his son's life. He relies on advice from the other fathers, but especially his old college buddy, Sean. Although Nathan worries and can overreact to the smallest incident, when he looks at Cormac's full head of red hair, he couldn't possibly be happier.

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