Bailey Chase as Branch Connally

Branch Connally Played by Bailey Chase

Branch Connally, a deputy in Absaroka County, is a go-getter with blind confidence. He has political aspirations that often motivate him more than solving cases. His resentment toward Walt’s outdated approach further inspire him to run for sheriff, especially after feeling that he is picking up his boss’s slack. He wants to bring Absaroka County into the 21st century, and he longs to update the sheriff’s station with the technology that other law enforcement agencies use.

Bailey Chase

Born in Chicago in 1972, Bailey Chase moved to Naples, Florida with his brother, Chris, and their mother Melissa, shortly after his parents divorced. It was during this difficult time that Chase found an escape watching television and films, choosing Clint Eastwood as his boyhood idol. In high school both he and his brother were sent to private boarding schools for some much needed discipline; Chase took full advantage of this opportunity by committing himself to football and baseball. In 1991 he accepted an athletic scholarship to Duke University.

Nearing college graduation he considered his options of graduate school or joining his buddies on Wall Street but opted to pursue his boyhood dream instead. In 1995 he moved to Los Angeles with his yellow lab, Gauge. Chase wasn't content with his initial success in commercials and soap operas, and altered his course by going to the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art to study Shakespeare.

Upon his return, he made his film debut in the short "Cosmo's Tale," which screened at both Sundance and Cannes. He then garnered acclaim for his role on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," which set him on his current path. Chase has appeared in numerous television shows but is most recognized for his portrayal of the swaggering detective "Butch Ada" on TNT's "Saving Grace," opposite Holly Hunter. He most recently appeared as "Sean Everett" in the critically acclaimed show "Damages."