Lone Star Lady Season 1

Season 1 : Episode 1

Movin' On Up

Premiere Date: July 13, 2014 TVPG L

With four boys fighting over one bathroom Rochelle's patience wears thin. So when the boys lobby for a "magical mansion" that will fulfill all of the family's growing needs, Rochelle decides they can afford it now, so she starts shopping for a new home. The process of house hunting offers a realization that everything they need might be closer than they think.
Season 1 : Episode 2

The Tractor Beam

Premiere Date: July 13, 2014 TVPG L-D

Now that her family has money, keeping her kids grounded isn't easy for Rochelle. When Jake's behavior starts to get out of control, she kicks into overdrive, delivering a punishment that he will never forget. When Rochelle sells one of his prized possessions, the lesson backfires, as she has to jump though hoops to get the family back on track.
Season 1 : Episode 3


Luke's sudden obsession with body waxing is revealed just as Trenton leaves town and it's up to Rochelle to figure out what's going on. Luke soon reveals that he's been asked out on an important first date, and then the fun begins! Rochelle pledges to make it an evening to remember even if she ruins her son's street cred in the process.
Season 1 : Episode 4


When the boys' tech obsession threatens quality time, Rochelle shuts everything down and takes the family camping. She derails Jake's plans for alone time with his girlfriend, putting his new flame under a "trial by campfire." When Mary Ann joins in, the great outdoors will never be the same.
Season 1 : Episode 5

Fired Up!

When the boys' "guy-jinx" land Rochelle's backyard in flames, it ignites a house-wide battle and some down-home justice. The fiery battle of wills that ensues threatens everyone’s sanity. With Trenton, Kristan, and Mary Ann all weighing in on a solution, it's only a matter of time before things explode
Season 1 : Episode 6

It's My Party

When Bill opens up his checkbook and convinces Rochelle and Kristan to throw a surprise anniversary party for Mary Ann, Rochelle decides to go big: Texas style. The trouble is, her highfalutin ideas keep falling flat with everyone, and when Mary Ann gets wind of the plan things start to get really crazy. As usual the chickens come home to roost and Rochelle is left holding the bag.
Season 1 : Episode 7

The Bank of Rochelle

Rochelle sets out to teach the boys some fiscal responsibility by issuing her own currency, Carnes Cash! When the boys manage to manipulate the system she soon realizes her system is flawed. After advice from her parents, it's time to take back her sanity and crush the free market economy that's bringing her household to a grinding halt.
Season 1 : Episode 8

Fear Week

When Jake screams at a dead spider and Tate's fear of boats spoils a family outing, Rochelle sets out to conquer all her young men's phobias in one fell swoop. She initiates a fear factor week for the entire family that seems to benefit no one and inconvenience Rochelle at every turn. With an armful of unwelcome advice from her family, Rochelle is faced with the fact that she could have bitten off more than she can chew and that while some phobias disappear in time, her plan cannot end soon enough.
Season 1 : Episode 9

Charm School

After a disastrous family dinner at a fancy restaurant, Rochelle brings in professional help to teach her boys some social skills. When the etiquette coach arrives, the focus is soon aimed at Rochelle's own behavioral shortcomings. With the boys picking at everything and Mary Ann one-upping Rochelle at every step, it becomes evident that the entire family need to learn that moderation is the key to everything and that manners and charm are sometimes in the eye of the beholder.
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I have not gone to the bathroom alone in 17 years.
Rochelle Warns Jake About The Vagina Tractor Beam
Video: Rochelle Warns Jake About The Vagina Tractor Beam watch clips
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The Boys Think Rochelle Should Buy A Bigger House
Video: The Boys Think Rochelle Should Buy A Bigger House Watch Video
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