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S 1 E 1

Tom / Jodi

Aired on Jan 17, 2011

Witness the journey of Tom and Jodi, both 37 from Houston Texas, and learn more about why they are heavy and how they can reverse their lifestyles through health, nutrition and exercise methods. Tom was the star of his high school football team, but after he dropped out, he fell into a world of depression and overeating. Now, at 37 years old and 638 pounds, Tom suffers from a myriad of issues. He can barely walk to the car, let alone work a job or start a family. He is desperate to get his life back before he loses it permanently. Having recently suffered a stroke, Jodi, 36 years old and 363 pounds, is at a critical juncture with her health. Her husband must take care of the family because she can’t keep up with their two children. Now, he’s reached the end of his rope and Jodi must change for the better.

S 1 E 2

Rickywayne / Jessica

Aired on Jan 24, 2011

Rickywayne, 35 years old and 555 pounds, started putting on weight when he was in the 5th grade. Getting creative with how to sneak the extra food, he was eating six or seven meals a day. After losing his mother, he’s carried guilt that drives him to eat uncontrollably. Now Rickywayne must lose the weight, before he loses his life. Jessica, 28 years old and 288 pounds, has always been known as the fat girl. She’s struggled with a pathological eating compulsion that leaves nothing on her plate when she’s done. She fears that if she doesn’t lose the weight now, her family will continue to outpace her and leave her out of her own family.

S 1 E 3

Sharon / Ashley

Aired on Jan 31, 2011
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S 1 E 4

Travis / Lindy

Aired on Feb 07, 2011
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S 1 E 5

Kevin / Flor

Aired on Feb 14, 2011
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S 1 E 6

Ronnie / Debbie

Aired on Feb 21, 2011

At 45 and 446 pounds, Ronnie is engaged to be married to the love of his life, Cara. Unfortunately, Ronnie’s weight is keeping them from realizing their dream of the perfect beach wedding. Tired of waiting for his life to begin again, Ronnie is ready to take of the weight and finally be the husband Cara deserves. Debbie, at 401 pounds, has never had a date, or a full time job, and is still financially dependent on her parents. Sick of living life on the sidelines and is ready for a change. At 44 years old, she realizes its now or never to make a change if she ever wants to stop watching her life go by.

S 1 E 7

Johnny / Jill

Aired on Feb 28, 2011

Jill wants nothing in the world more than to have a baby, but at 35 years old and 305 pounds, her doctor told her she has a hundred pounds to lose before she can become pregnant. Will Jill be able to reach her goal to be a mom, or will her history of being a closet eater come back to haunt her? Johnny, at 443 pounds, has spent most of the 19 years of his life using food as a comfort. Abandoned by his biological mother at age three, Johnny has struggled with his weight ever since. Now Johnny is ready to let go of the anger, and get a fresh start in life.

S 1 E 8

Bill / Julia

Aired on Mar 07, 2011

Bill, 52 years old and 443 pounds, is a former college football star with two national championships under his belt who at one time had it all, but lost his job, his family, and his waistline because of drug addiction. He’s since kicked his addiction to pain pills, but now it’s time to see if he can beat his other addiction – food. Julia, 25 years old and 255 pounds, has spent her entire life having her weight compared to her skinnier twin sister, so when her boyfriend broke up with her because her weight made her no longer attractive to him, she reached wits end. Now Julia is ready to show everyone that, underneath all the extra layers, there is a strong confident woman ready to take on the world.

S 1 E 10

Mark / Patty

Aired on Mar 21, 2011
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S 1 E 11

Sallie / Chad

Aired on Mar 28, 2011
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S 1 E 12

Follow Up

Aired on Apr 04, 2011
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