Fear: Buried Alive

In this two-hour live event, three people will be sealed in underground coffins and closely monitored under scientific conditions as they endure a series of escalating horrors designed to test the strength of their psyches. But this extreme experiment is not about escape – it is about enduring and defeating true terror.

The experiment is based on a controversial psychological practice known as immersion therapy, wherein subjects are flooded with their darkest fears in order to overcome them. Studies show that when we willingly push ourselves outside of our comfort zone and face our fears, we come out feeling empowered and triumphant. Will they have the strength to make it through the escalation?

Viewers will hear from horror writer and director Eli Roth about how he creates fear and gives details about what scares us and why. Dr. Margee Kerr, sociologist and fear researcher, helped create some of the experiments and will be on-site to evaluate each subject’s progress during this live event. Additionally, other consultants include researchers from The Chapman University Survey on American Fears, based at Chapman University in California. The subjects’ friends and family members will also be on hand to witness this psychological battle from the sidelines.

Specially constructed coffins will be rigged with infrared cameras, microphones, and vital sign indicators, all of which will be used to closely monitor the participants’ physical and psychological stress. Due to the extreme nature of this experiment, all necessary precautions are being taken to ensure safety, including a team of medical and psychological personnel onsite.