Stephanie Barger

​Director of Education, CPDT-KA

Stephanie Barger knows the pain of learning to live with disabilities.

She suffered a back injury in 1993 and developed severe anxiety about her limitations. After years of restricting her activities, she enrolled in a service dog training program and, in 2009, Stephanie rescued and trained Cura as her first service dog.

Toward the end of their training, Stephanie and Cura began assisting others in weekly training classes, and Stephanie became a mentor and junior trainer. From there, she met Jim and Lindsey Stanek and learned about their hopes of building Paws and Stripes.

Stephanie began the Constant Companions Dog Training Program in February 2011, and later that year joined as a trainer at Paws and Stripes. In 2012, she became the Director of Education/Head Trainer. She not only works with veterans with PTSD and TBI, but is particularly skilled at working with clients who have mobility issues.