Lindsey Stanek

CEO, Paws and Stripes

Lindsey has always been interested in animals and helping people. She just happened to end up spending her life with someone who desperately needed both.

Working as a veterinary assistant in her early twenties, her heart broke when she saw neglected, abused and abandoned animals come through the door. But when her then-boyfriend Jim returned home from war with severe PTSD and trouble sleeping, she noticed that the visiting therapy dog at Brook Army Medical Center began to unlock something for him. He’d curl up in the common areas and fall into an easy sleep with the therapy dog and, as the visits progressed, he began to seem more comfortable. That motivated Lindsey to combine her passion for dogs with the love for her country and the men and women who sacrifice so much to protect it, to create Paws and Stripes.

As the CEO of Paws and Stripes, Lindsey wears many hats overseeing program operations, financials, strategic planning, contracts, policy writing and meeting with potential donors. Without any formal training running a business, her deep care for sustainability and quality for veterans and the Paws and Stripes staff keeps her going.

For the record, Lindsey loves dogs, but training them is not her one of her strong points. She also loves cats, but has no plans to add service cat training to the Paws and Stripes roster.

Visit the official Paws and Stripes site for information about donation, adoption and more.