Criminal Minds

Season 7

Season 7 : Episode 1

It Takes a Village

Premiere Date: Sep 14 2012 TV14

The team s actions in the aftermath of the loss of Prentiss are questioned by a Senate committee, and a familiar person unexpectedly appears to rally them.

Season 7 : Episode 2


Premiere Date: Sep 14 2012 TV14

A serial killer in Oklahoma attacks women in a manner that focuses on their five senses.

Season 7 : Episode 4

From Childhood's Hour

Premiere Date: Sep 21 2012 TV14

Child abductions in St. Louis are investigated; and Rossi gets surprising news from his first wife.

Season 7 : Episode 5


Premiere Date: Sep 21 2012 TV14

The team goes to Angeles National Forest in California when bodies are found in the mountain lakes there; and Rossi has to make a tough decision regarding his ex-wife.

Season 7 : Episode 6

There's No Place Like Home

Premiere Date: Sep 28 2012 TV14

The profilers are called to Kansas when the arms, legs, and other body parts of teenagers are discovered in the path of tornadoes.

Season 7 : Episode 7

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Premiere Date: Oct 05 2012 TV14

The BAU investigates a mass suicide by troubled teenagers at a military academy.

Season 7 : Episode 8

The Bittersweet Science

Premiere Date: Oct 12 2012 TV14

When men are found bludgeoned to death in a Philadelphia alley, the team must race to find the UnSub before he can chalk up another kill.

Season 7 : Episode 9

True Genius

Premiere Date: Oct 19 2012 TV14

The BAU team faces the frightening possibility that the Zodiac killer - the most infamous uncaught serial killer of all time - may be back and striking again.

Season 7 : Episode 10

Unknown Subjects

Premiere Date: Dec 29 2012 TV14

A serial rapist is on the loose who's nicknamed "The Piano Man" because he uses piano wire on his victims.

Season 7 : Episode 11

Snake Eyes

Premiere Date: Dec 29 2012 TV14

The team heads to Atlantic City to track down a gambler who believes that committing murder can improve his odds of winning.

Season 7 : Episode 12

Divining Rod

Premiere Date: Dec 30 2012 TV14

After a serial killer is executed, a copycat takes his place, killing a new victim every six hours.

Season 7 : Episode 13


Premiere Date: Mar 01 2015 TV14

When the survivors of a high school massacre in Boise return on the 10th anniversary of the horrific event, the BAU is called to Idaho when another killer with a similar style begins to target the survivors. Meanwhile, Hotch becomes concerned that his son, Jack, might be a victim of bullying at his school.

Season 7 : Episode 14


Premiere Date: Jun 03 2013 TV14

Years after the kidnapping of her daughter, a mother allows herself to be kidnapped by the same UnSub in hopes of finding her child.
Season 7 : Episode 15

Closing Time

Premiere Date: Jun 17 2013 TV14

The beautiful beaches of Southern California hold a grisly secret - someone's been hiding dead bodies in the lifeguard towers.
Season 7 : Episode 16

A Thin Line

Premiere Date: Jun 24 2013 TV14

The profilers investigate a series of racially charged murders in a California suburb.
Season 7 : Episode 17

A Family Affair

Premiere Date: Jun 29 2013 TV14

A paralyzed man acts out his sexual frustrations by murdering prostitutes.
Season 7 : Episode 18

I Love You, Tommy Brown

Premiere Date: Jul 13 2013 TV14

David and the team must find out why a serial killer is targeting married couples.
Season 7 : Episode 19


Premiere Date: Jul 13 2013 TV14

The profilers probe a series of kidnappings in Arizona that may have an eerie connection to a decades-old case.
Season 7 : Episode 20

Heathridge Manor

Premiere Date: Jul 13 2013 TV14

The team is called to Oregon to investigate a bizarre murder case where the victim's body is found inside a burned-out insane asylum and costumed in Shakespearean dress.
Season 7 : Episode 21

The Company

Premiere Date: Jul 13 2013 TV14

When Morgan's sister makes a startling discovery, Morgan is forced to make a painful admission and the BAU team is led into a dark world of crime.
Season 7 : Episode 22

Profiling 101

Premiere Date: Sep 07 2013 TV14

Rossi teaches a class in profiling, telling the students about his 20-year quest to catch an UnSub who became a brutal killer of women after suffering tremendous abuse in his childhood.
Season 7 : Episode 23


Premiere Date: Sep 07 2013 TV14

In the conclusion of a two-part episode, the BAU continues to pursue the bank-robbing serial killers and the team determines the suspects have a bigger target. Due to the hostage situation, they must work quickly to diffuse an explosive situation. Meanwhile, a team member is married as Prentiss ponders her future with the BAU.
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