Lola Glaudini

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Lola Glaudini as
Elle Greenaway

  • About Elle Greenaway

    Elle Greenaway is a Supervisory Special Agent with the BAU. She specializes in crimes of a sexual nature. Greenaway's father was an officer who was killed in the line of duty. Greenaway is committed to her job and has a no-nonsense way of approaching situations. She is exceptionally dry and sarcastic. Greenaway is severely wounded after the Fisher King, a serial killer who kills "medieval" style by impaling his victims with swords, breaks into her home and shoots her. Though she makes a full physical recovery, mentally she is still damaged by the incident. This mental strain causes her to act out during an investigation of a serial rapist. After finding and killing the suspect, she hands in her badge and gun and resigns from the unit.
    The only time you're going to see a little leg from me is when I'm about to kick your ass.
    - Elle

    About Lola Glaudini

    Born and raised in New York, Glaudini has had several recurring roles in popular television shows like The Sopranos, The Handler and NYPD Blue. No novice to crime/thriller series she has also guest starred in Law and Order: Criminal Intent.

    Glaudini has vast feature film experience starring in notable films such as Your Friends & Neighbors, Groove, Down to You, Blow, and 7 Songs. Recently, she starred in Invincible, alongside Mark Wahlberg.

    Her role in the stage play Demonology at the Mark Taper Forum won her the Dramalogue award. She won Best Actress for her role in The Poison Tree written by her father, playwright Robert Glaudini.

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