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  • SEASON 1 8 episodes available
  • SEASON 2 6 episodes available

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S 2 E 1

Spring Breakers

Aired on Jun 24, 2015
In the season premiere, Matt plans to take a secret detour while on a business trip to see his friend and country singer star Luke Bryan in concert. Suspicious that Matt might try to mix business with pleasure, Ryan sends T-Carr along to babysit. Meanwhile, Hard Luck has to face that his daughter, Jessa, is no longer just his baby girl.
S 2 E 2

Pitch Please!

Aired on Jun 24, 2015
Matt and Ryan hold a "pitch day" for potential Wildgame products but try to box out all of Hard Luck's crazy ideas. Will Hard Luck figure out a way to be heard? Meanwhile, Joe Buck starts working at the ranch with T-Carr and finds out that starting at the bottom is not as glamorous as he thought.
S 2 E 3

Urine or Ur-Out

Aired on Jul 01, 2015
Matt decides to take dating seriously for the first time in 8 years and gets set up on a "real date." On the professional side of his life, Matt decides to take on the urine distribution market, but when T-Carr and Hard Luck crash the party will his urine dreams go down the drain?

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