Bill "Sarge" Sr. and Joan Lougheed from Cement Heads

Bill "Sarge" Sr. and Joan Lougheed

Bill Sr., better known as Sarge, is Billy’s father. He is a retired mechanic who has spent more than 35 years maintaining all of the vehicles at the Bronx Zoo. Although he is not an employee at WJL, he “volunteers” to help his son by keeping an eye on the trucks and machines, making sure Billy knows if something isn’t working correctly. He volunteered as a sheriff’s deputy with Westchester County for 30 years, which is where he got his nickname, Sarge. Danielle is the daughter Sarge never had. He takes her side whenever there is a dispute between Billy and Danielle — another thing to make Billy crazy on a daily basis.

Joan is Billy’s high-energy, old-school Italian mother. She shows her love for her family by taking care of them. While Billy and Danielle are at work, Joan helps by cooking, cleaning, ironing, and taking care of her grandchildren. This allows Billy and Danielle to work late, which is important for their business. Joan grew up in a very strict household, where she led a very sheltered life. Now she is very open to talking about more risque topics — which often drives her family crazy.