Courtney from Breaking Boston


Courtney is a single mother with a 7th grade education who is juggling her ex, her job and her future but dreams of a better life for her and her 6 year old daughter Ellana.

One of eight children, Courtney dropped out of school early, unable to attend class due to debilitating anxiety and ADD. Now in her twenties, she sees herself repeating the patterns of her mom, who always depended upon the men in her life, and is desperate to do whatever it takes to break that cycle. She is currently waitressing to pay the bills but her ultimate dream is to start beauty school and parlay that into her own make-up and hair styling business. First she must overcome her anxiety and finish her GED.

Courtney and James, who is the Ellana’s father, have a 10 year history but their on-and-off-again relationship has caused her great pain. She has endured his infidelity and watched him struggle with drug addiction but knows she needs to let go of him to move on with her life.