Breaking Boston Season 1

Season 1 : Episode 1

Plotting the Break

Premiere Date: March 13, 2014 TV14 D-L

It's hard to catch a break in Boston – especially when you're a twenty-something working class girl. Meet Courtney, Kristina, Noelle, and Val – four girls trying to get it together in a world of bad boyfriends, dead-end jobs and parents who just don't understand. But, in a town that can be tough and unforgiving, this group of friends isn't going down without a fight.
Season 1 : Episode 2

Girls Gotta Do Better

Premiere Date: Mar 20 2014 TV14 D-L

Val and her parents get a reality check when they meet with a financial advisor at UMass Boston. Will she have to scrap her college plans? High school dropout Courtney and her friend Caitlin hire a tutor to help them study for the GED, but who knows if they will be disciplined enough to follow through. On the home front, Kristina finally convinces longtime boyfriend Mikey to meet her family, and Noelle's estranged father resurfaces to tell her that he is marrying his longtime girlfriend. Will Noelle be able to tell her mom the devastating news?
Season 1 : Episode 3

It's Complicated With...

Premiere Date: Mar 27 2014 TV14 D-L

Val questions what she got herself into when she struggles with her first intern assignment. Courtney's GED journey is already in jeopardy when she has to make a difficult choice between her tutoring session and meeting up with her daughter's father, James. Noelle convinces Kristina to take an awkward trip to Florida for her estranged father's wedding.
Season 1 : Episode 4

Girls Interrupted

Premiere Date: Apr 03 2014 TV14 D-L

Courtney plans a birthday party for her daughter Ellana, but worries that ex James won't pitch in--financially or otherwise. After a bad breakup with her boyfriend, Noelle finally starts dating again and she's got a hot new prospect. Val stresses when she tasked again by socialite boss, Christy Cashman. Kristina and Mikey invite the gang out for drinks to celebrate them moving in together, but things quickly get heated when Caitlin's boyfriend picks a fight that gets way out of hand.
Season 1 : Episode 5

Laying It On the Line

Premiere Date: Apr 10 2014 TV14 D-L

Noelle convinces the rest of the girls to get away from the craziness by taking a mini-vacation to a casino. But, what starts out as a fun trip, takes a sour turn when Val's immaturity rears its ugly head. Courtney stays back in Boston to take care of her daughter and study for the GED, but her plans are derailed when she suspects she might be pregnant.
Season 1 : Episode 6

Try, Try Again

Premiere Date: Apr 17 2014 TV14 D-L

Courtney wrestles with her anxiety over her pregnancy and how to tell James and her family. Kristina is nervous about a life changing audition to become a hair and makeup stylist for magazine shoots and fashion shows. Noelle's father is back in town and she uses their time together to ask for advice about boys. Val is stressed out when she has to start from scratch on a project for Christy Cashman that she's been working on for days.
Season 1 : Episode 7


Premiere Date: Apr 24 2014 TV14 D-L

The girls put it all on the line in the season finale: Courtney braces for the fallout as she finally breaks the big baby news to James and her friends. Val has to choose between college or a dream trip to Ireland with Christy Cashman. Noelle takes a huge step life step. Courtney and Kristina's makeup skills are put to the test at a local fashion show and competition. And, just as things at home were coming together, Kristina's world comes crashing down. Breaking free isn't easy: can the girls shed their pasts to pave way for their futures?
Plotting the Break
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