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S 2 E 1

Turning the Other Butt Cheek

Aired on Jan 20, 2014
A young woman reveals a bad "Buy One, Get One Free" tattoo; a woman regrets the ink her high-school boyfriend applied to an intimate area; a former male stripper boasts beastly body art.
S 2 E 2

Lost in Tattoo Translation

Aired on Jan 20, 2014
A bull rider sports big, bad body art; a nurse has a rude tattoo written in Chinese; a woman needs help with a tattoo that is ruining her sex life.
S 2 E 3

Babes in Tattooland

Aired on Jan 27, 2014
A military veteran has a hard time explaining her inappropriate tattoo to her children; an artist in a bad mood leaves a woman with bad ink; the call of duty leads the guys to a bachelorette party in a limousine.
S 2 E 4

Tat's My Mom

Aired on Jan 27, 2014
An overbearing woman calls Dirk and Ruckus about her son's bad body art; a tattoo artist leaves naughty elements in his work; Ruckus and his dog, Creepy Le Beef, hit the Las Vegas Strip.
S 2 E 5

Last Man Stamping

Aired on Feb 03, 2014
A scout leader sports an inappropriate tattoo; a man needs help with a tattoo from a previous marriage; a woman's body art resembles burnt toast.
S 2 E 6

Tat in the Hat

Aired on Feb 03, 2014
A gun-shop clerk has a terrible tribute to her mother etched on her neck; a magician hopes to make his bad body art disappear.
S 2 E 7

Oops, I Tatted Again

Aired on Feb 10, 2014
A single mother winds up with a bad tattoo after losing a game of pool; a flair bartender sports bad body art; a man must cover up two tattoos from a prior relationship before his girlfriend will marry him.
S 2 E 8

Tat-Too Hot for TV

Aired on Feb 17, 2014
A Frenchman sports one of the most inappropriate tattoos Dirk and Ruckus have ever seen; a woman wants to cover shameful body art she received as a teenager.
S 2 E 9

Tat's Ink-redible!

Aired on Feb 24, 2014
Dirk teams up with a makeup artist from the TV series "Vikings" to pull a prank on Ruckus; a woman wants to cover up bad body art she got at a "tattoo party"; a man's ex-wife is pictured on his arm, much to the annoyance of his current spouse.
S 2 E 10

It Takes Two to Tattoo

Aired on Aug 20, 2014
Best friends celebrate their 21st birthdays by giving each other horrendous body art; things go from bad to worse when an Elvis impersonator tries to hide a terrible tattoo of his ex-wife.

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