Rob Ruckus from A&E's Bad Ink

Rob Ruckus

Irreverent and opinionated, Rob Ruckus, or simply Ruckus as he prefers, met Dirk in high school, but they didn’t like each other at first. “I said some sh** about him, and then he threatened to kick my ass. Now we’ve outlasted his marriage.” They’re best friends and compatriots, like two tattooed peas in a punk rock pod. Ruckus isn’t a tattoo artist, but he definitely knows bad art when he sees it, and he isn’t afraid to speak his mind.

Ruckus was born in LA and moved to Vegas with his family when he was 10 when they started a car repair operation. “I have no kids, a few girls, and my dog, Mr. Creepy Le Beef ran away a few years ago…” He now works the graveyard shift at Double Down Saloon, Vegas’ only punk rock bar. He’s been behind the bar there for four years, but he has been booking bands there for eighteen years.

His weekends are usually spent playing gigs around Vegas (he’s currently in several bands and is considered sort of a Vegas rock legend), but when he has free time he says he loves to go to Utah, hike to the edge of a mountain, rip down some branches and cook a chicken. He absolutely hates the Vegas Strip and wants nothing to do with any of the tourists that frequent it… unless of course, they’ve got some bad ink.