Bad Ink

Set against the glitzy backdrop of Las Vegas, also known as “the mistake capital of the world,” Bad Ink is a buddy comedy featuring renowned tattoo artist Dirk Vermin and his trusted sidekick and best friend of 20 years, Ruckus.

Dirk and Ruckus are a Rat Pack for the 21st Century. Forget the martinis and tuxedos, these guys are known for their politically incorrect attitudes and being Las Vegas’ unofficial aficionados of terrible tattoos.

Now they’re taking their Vegas swagger out onto the bright lights of the Strip, ambushing convention goers, tourists and locals alike, and inspecting the worst bad ink they can find. For a lucky few, Dirk will be able to work his magic and transform their terrible tats into amazing body art.

We’ll see the ultimate in cringeworthy tattoos and hear the stranger than fiction stories behind these almost-permanent mistakes. And there will be unexpected moments along the way: Dirk and Ruckus’ uniquely comedic take on life in Vegas, Dirk’s adventures raising two young daughters as a single dad and, of course, some Vegas style fun (and trouble) as these two larger-than-life characters rid the world of bad ink.