American Hoggers

Season 2

Season 2 : Episode 1

Over the Hill

Premiere Date: Aug 15 2012 TVPG V-L

After rolling his jeep during a hunt, Jerry decides it might be time to "hang up his spurs," but when he puts his son Robert in charge of the family business, the news upsets his daughter, Krystal, more than his homemade wild hog sausage.
Season 2 : Episode 2

When Push Comes to Shove

Premiere Date: Aug 15 2012 TV14 V-L

Still smoking after being overlooked to run the family business, Krystal tries to prove she s more qualified than her brother but Robert doesn't take well to having his new-found authority challenged.

Season 2 : Episode 3

I Hate a Calf Killer

Premiere Date: Aug 22 2012 TVPG V-L

Robert s newfound leadership comes into question when he sleeps in on a big job, so Krystal takes the reigns and leads by example.
Season 2 : Episode 4

If You Want Something Done Right...

Premiere Date: Aug 22 2012 TVPG V-L

When the power-struggle between Robert and Krystal starts to affect the bottom line, Jerry has no choice but to take control and finish the job before calf-eating hogs run a rancher out of business.
Season 2 : Episode 5

Best Laid Plans

Premiere Date: Aug 29 2012 TVPG V-L

With his family fighting and business faltering, Jerry tries to mend some fences with a road trip to Louisiana, where wild hogs threaten a turtle farmer. But after a few days fighting the swamps, Jerry realizes he may have bitten off more than he can chew.
Season 2 : Episode 6

Old Dog New Tricks

Premiere Date: Aug 29 2012 TVPG V-L

After sinking in the Louisiana swamps, Jerry recruits a local named "Leprechaun" for help, but catching hogs is only half the battle as Jerry struggles to keep peace in the family.
Season 2 : Episode 7

Family Matters

Premiere Date: Sep 05 2012 TVPG V-L

When a wild hog threatens some local children, even Jerry s wife, Cathy, gets involved in the hunt and in the process, the Campbells put the "family" back in business... all according to Jerry s "master plan."
Season 2 : Episode 8


Premiere Date: Sep 12 2012 TVPG V-L

With his family working like a well-oiled machine, Jerry goes after a big contract offered up by a local car dealer, but he soon reveals that the Campbells aren t the only ones he called in for the job, and an untimely injury to Krystal puts more than the job in jeopardy.
Season 2 : Episode 9

Up the Creek

Premiere Date: Sep 12 2012 TVPG V-L

With Ronnie Creek and his crew breathing down the Campbells' necks, it's going to take a full team effort to win the big contract they're all after. But when Krystal almost loses her thumb roping her horse, Lea has to rush her to the hospital and it's up to Jerry and Robert to pick up the slack.
Season 2 : Episode 10

New Recruit

Premiere Date: Sep 19 2012 TVPG V-L

With Krystal's thumb injury sidelining her for 4-6 weeks, Robert tries to find a replacement, but family tensions resurface when he recruits a girl with zero experience. As the Campbells struggle to teach the new recruit the ropes, Ronnie Creek and his crew tighten the noose around Jerry's dying business.
Season 2 : Episode 11

Ranger Come Home

Premiere Date: Sep 19 2012 TVPG V-L

After another new recruit fails to make the cut, the Campbells recognize Krystal is irreplaceable and take another job despite being shorthanded. But when their top dog, Ranger, turns up missing their hog hunt turns into a dog rescue and the prospect of losing his best dog has Jerry on the verge of calling it quits.
Season 2 : Episode 12

The End is Near

Premiere Date: Oct 03 2012 TVPG V-L

Jerry tries to chase down new business, but rival Ronnie Creek is one step ahead, beating him to the punch of every hog job in Texas. Determined to take down his nemesis once and for all, Jerry puts his good name (and the Campbells' paychecks) on the line: whoever catches the most hogs gets all the money - but it's not long before Jerry's plans go up in smoke. As Ronnie Creek and his crew take an early lead, a frustrated Krystal vows to find a way to help her family rise to the challenge.
Season 2 : Episode 13

Pistol Whipped

Premiere Date: Oct 03 2012 TVPG V-L

It's the last job of the year and after a season of close calls and hard falls it could be the last hunt of Jerry's career. With their paychecks, pride and reputations on the line, the Campbells find themselves behind Ronnie's crew yet again, but what they lack in youth and speed, they have in know-how. Krystal's arm might be in a sling but she knows hogging better than the all the Creeks combined, and bets the farm on a plan that, if it works, will put the Campbells over the top and save the family business.
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