Love Prison - Season 1

Love Prison

Season 1

Season 1 : Episode 3

Lawrence & Nicole

Premiere Date: September 22, 2014 TV14 S-D-L

Lawrence, a physique competitor from New Jersey, who is always focused on his beautiful body, and Nicole, a social butterfly from Westchester County, NY, connected immediately when they met online six months ago. Although they have yet to meet in person, they are both extremely excited to be alone on the remote island together. Will their highly anticipated meet up be a hot and sexy beginning to the relationship they both crave? Or will the Love Prison reveal more than what meets the eye?
Season 1 : Episode 2

Rosie & Chris

Premiere Date: September 15, 2014 TVPG

Rosie, an LA party girl, and Chris, a computer nerd from Iowa, have been dating online for two long years without ever meeting in person. But now they're putting their relationship to the ultimate test by spending a week together on a remote island. Secrets and truths are revealed. Will they leave the island together, or alone?
Season 1 : Episode 1

Billy & Jeanne

Premiere Date: September 8, 2014 TV14 S-D-L

Billy and Jeanne have dated online for six months but they've never met face to face...until now. The wild-at-heart bachelor and single mom in search of "The One" are isolated on a remote island for one whole week in the Love Prison. After a wild roller coaster of a week, can their relationship survive or will they leave alone and broken hearted?
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Rosie and Chris
Video: Rosie and Chris watch full episodes
Post-Island Love: Chris and Rosie
Video: Post-Island Love: Chris and Rosie watch video
Season 1